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Truckers call off strike after govt assurance that BNS provisions in hit and run cases will be ‘discussed first’: Details

Truckers called off strike after assurance from Home Ministry that provisions under BNS for hit and run cases will be implemented only after consultation with the association

Haryana: Truck driver Shabbir who had killed DSP Surender Singh Bishnoi arrested in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district

Truck driver Mittar, who had killed DSP Surender Singh Bishnoi in Haryana, arrested from Ganghora village

US truckers launch ‘People’s Convoy’ journey to Washington DC in protest of Covid-19 mandates

US Truckers follow Canada model, launch 'People's convoy' to Washington DC to protest against Covid restrictions.

Canada govt starts freezing bank accounts linked to the truckers’ protests, warns that authorities would soon remove pets and children from the protest sites

Canadian Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland said financial institutions have started freezing accounts of protestors in Ottawa.

Canadian author Gad Saad writes to PM Modi asking to accommodate him in India as he wants to escape Canadian dictatorship

Gad Saad has asked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether he could be accommodated in India as he is looking to leave Canada to escape the dictatorship

Cities in Canada may impose curfew amid ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests: Indian High Commission in Ottawa issues advisory

Indian High Commission issued an advisory for Indian citizens in Canada over traffic disruptions and shortage of essential items due to the ongoing truckers' protests.

GoFundMe removes online funding campaign for truckers’ Convoy in Canada, withholds over 9 million dollars

The online fundraising platform had earlier paused and announced that they would be reviewing the $10 million funds raised by Canada's truckers, who are now protesting against the vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions imposed by the Canadian government.

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