Topic: twisting facts

Yet another manufactured controversy around the premier institute by the media.
Comments by an economist and an article by a 'think tank' were twisted to target Modi government
Police allege she was obstructing the civic authority from carrying out their duty.
An article on Gupta’s ‘The Print’ had virtually equated Hindus with ISIS, and credited it to Taslima.
Even the original report had made it clear that there was no such plan, yet the media created misleading headlines.
The Indian mainstream media has been notorious for twisting facts and pushing an agenda
A Hindu seer in Tamil Nadu has come under attack of Islamist and leftist elements for his work.
The family of the main accused claim that Junaid had phoned in and called people who made the fight fatal.
A dangerous lie is being spread across media outlets that "97% of cow related violence" happened after Modi came to power.
Violent protests had taken place in Jamshedpur over wrong claims about Muslims being lynched over beef.
They may not be directly sponsored or conceived by the party, but read why such narratives help the Congress.
Almost every step that is now being decried as 'Hindi imposition' was proposed during the UPA government.
Even though details were available, NDTV pushed out a headline and details that didn't show the real picture.
NYT, which has never let prejudice come in the way of objectivity when it comes to India, has done it again.
There have been reports which suggest that dignitaries have to make speeches only in Hindi
Twisted headline by the newspaper suggested that the father didn’t believe the police and charges against his son.
An article published in Hindustan Times deliberately twisted Modi’s speech to claim ‘half-truths’.
We trusted this man with the country's finances!

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