Monday, July 4, 2022


United Kingdom

Prince Charles to stop receiving cash donations for his charities after allegations that he accepted suitcases full of cash from former Qatar PM

Britain's Prince Charles had accepted roughly $3 million cash donation from former Qatar PM Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani

Radical Imam dismissed as ‘Islamophobia adviser’ by UK government for supporting protests to cancel ‘blasphemous’ film: Details

Qari Asam was removed by UK govt for supporting boycott of a movie that was based on the life of Prophet Muhammad's daughter.

The Lady of Heaven: How a movie on Fathima has exposed Islam’s Shia-Sunni conflict again as theatres in UK surrender before threats

The Lady of Heaven, a movie based on the life of prophet Mohammed daughter Fathima, is being opposed by Sunni Muslims

UK: Sperm donor fathered 15 children for lesbian mothers without telling them he had an inheritable ‘low-IQ’ illness

Sperm donor James MacDougall fathered 15 kids to lesbian mothers without telling them about his incurable genetic illness.

Meet Logically, the Left-leaning disinformation platform that sponsored Rahul Gandhi’s anti-India stunt event in London

Logically has a history of spreading false information about Indian government, it also provides doxxing services to trace anonymous social media handles for its clients.

The awkward silence of Rahul Gandhi at Cambridge University and the uncomfortable truth it tells us about the Congress Prince

The video pertains to Rahul Gandhi's recent discussion at an event titled 'India at 75' at Corpus Christi College at the Cambridge University hosted by a Congress party sympathiser Shruti Kapila.

‘India only needs a spark’: Rahul Gandhi hints at impending Civil War to bring ‘political change’ in the country

Speaking at ‘Ideas of India’ colloquium in the United Kingdom, Rahul Gandhi stoked unfounded fears about an impending Civil War in India.

Calling a man ‘bald’ is sexual harassment: UK employment tribunal

The judge ruled that since hair loss is more prevalent among men, commenting on a man's baldness at the workplace is similar to commenting on a woman's breasts

UK: Tribunal turns down plea to release letters between Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten, personal diaries of Lord Mountbatten

About 150 passages were redacted by the Southampton University as they had direct references to the British Royal Family or had the potential to sour relations of the United Kingdom with both India and Pakistan."Edwina's published diary is replete with references to Jinnah being a psychopath," Andrew Lownie emphasised.

UK: Tory MP ‘caught watching porn’ inside House of Commons, female MPs complain sexism in parliament

The Tory MP was reportedly seen watching the pornographic content by one of the female ministers.

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