Sunday, June 13, 2021


United Kingdom

Ex-radicalised Muslim author studies mosques in UK, reveals Taliban, ISIS-like lifestyle of the ultra-orthodox community

Professor & political advisor Ed Husain reveals in his latest book how mosques in UK are enforcing radical Islamic lifestyle among Muslims

Viral video: Mayhem at UK stadium for vaccination, thousands gather only to be denied vaccine after waiting for hours

“This is the moment the pen changed from being socially distanced, to a stampede!” the user said in his Tweet sharing a video of people flocking the stadium in large numbers.

UK: ‘Former’ Islamic terrorist files complaint against Pakistan-origin parents for radicalising him as a child

"They taught me to hate this country and the West, and not make friends with non-Muslims," the former terrorist recounted.

AAP shares fake data to show India is doing far worse than US and UK in vaccination: Here is how they lied

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday peddled vaccine statistics that could only ever be considered unadulterated garbage.

‘You kill Balochi, you kill Hazara’: UK’s Free Palestine protestor clashes with Pakistani protestors. Watch

The Palestine supporter said, "Why do we have a terrorist flag here? You are killing Balochis. F*ck you. Terrorist Pakistan. F*ck you Paki."

BBC journalist deceived Princess Diana to secure famous 1995 interview, says inquiry committee: BBC apologises

The inquiry by Judge Dyson has found that Bashir, then a small-time reporter, had shown Spencer fake bank statements claiming that Diana was under surveillance by the security services and that they were being paid to provide information about her.

Indian diaspora protests against West Bengal post-poll violence in UK, Canada, Australia and United States

"The State machinery is failing the people of West Bengal as the Hindus are subjected to killings, rapes, and exodus from their homeland," a protestor said.

Slain Pakistani Islamic terrorist Usman Khan had conned the Christian priest inside prison, convinced him of ‘change of heart’

Usman Khan was considered a ‘poster boy for deradicalisation’ following his release from prison after being convicted on charges of terrorism. Less than a year after his release, he went into a stabbing spree at an event where he was invited.

UK variant of COVID-19 more prevalent in Punjab and other northern states: Report

The genome sequencing data from the NCDC reveals that the UK strain is more pervasive in the north Indian states, including Punjab

British Home Minister approves the extradition of fugitive Indian businessman Nirav Modi: CBI

Billionaire diamantaire Nirav Modi is wanted for fraud and money laundering in the Rs 14,000-crore Punjab National Bank scam

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