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‘Leave the institution if you don’t like it’: High Court rejects Muslim girl’s petition against prohibition on namaz in British school

Thirty students began praying namaz in the school's yard in March of last year while kneeling on blazers.

‘What’s wrong with London’: Cricketer Kevin Pietersen and many others ask as violent street crimes spike in UK capital

England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen reshared a video of a recent knife attack in a train in London and voiced his concerns about the staggering rate at which street crimes in the city has been on the rise

Princess Kate Middleton’s picture of Queen Elizabeth II flagged as edited: The British royal family’s PR fiasco explained

At a time when speculations were rife about her health status and whereabouts, a series of events and “doctored” digital evidence of Kate’s recent appearance have left the Royal family in ignominy. 

Royal Princess Kate Middleton apologises through official Royal account, says she edited her photo even as speculations about her whereabouts grow

A few hours after Kensington Palace had released the photo, the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse issued advisories and urged news organisations to remove the image.

United Kingdom: Pro-Palestine protestor vandalises 110-year-old painting of Arthur Balfour, whose declaration led to the creation of Israel

Lord Arthur Balfour was the UK’s foreign secretary in 1917 when a declaration was made pledging Britain's support for the establishment "in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people".

‘ISIS bride’ Shamima Begum who travelled to Syria and joined the terror outfit loses appeal against removal of her UK citizenship

Shamima Begum, who left Britain to join Islamic State, has lost an appeal against the UK government's decision to remove her British citizenship

UK’s TRIDENT 2 missile misfires for the second time in a row, crashes into ocean yards away from the submarine that launched it

A TRIDENT missile of the UK dramatically misfired and crashed into the ocean yards from the British nuclear submarine that launched it

UK: Regional council wants elderly couple to sell their new home so ‘asylum seekers’ can be given housing, public anger grows over illegal immigration

Regional Council's letter threatening an elderly british couple to compulsory sell their house so that they can accomodate illegal immigrants sparks criticism against UK's migrant policy

BBC editor received payment to help Somali criminals, including a gang rapist, to fight deportation from the UK: Report

The African Editor of BBC World Service, Mary Harper was hired as an expert witness to help Somalian criminals.

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