Friday, April 16, 2021


United Kingdom

British teacher forced to apologise for showing Charlie Hebdo cartoons to students, police officials read the statement to Muslim protestors

The headteacher of a school in the United Kingdom was forced to apologise to Muslims for showing Charlie Hebdo cartoons to students

UK university faces criticism for installing £24,000 bronze statue of Swedish protestor Greta Thunberg

The Winchester University in the UK had commissioned a life-size bronze statue of the controversial 'activist' Greta Thunberg at the cost of £24,000.

United Kingdom: Police cars set on fire, woman protestor defecates on feet of cops in Bristol as ‘kill the bill’ protests turn violent

In a video that has gone viral, a woman protestors can be seen relieving herself on foot of a policeman as the protesting crowd cheered on.

UK PM Boris Johnson to visit India in April, earlier scheduled tour in January was cancelled due to Covid concerns in Britain

This is going to be first major international trip of the UK PM since Britain's exit from the European Union.

USA, EU and UK block India and South Africa led proposal to temporarily waive intellectual property rights on vaccines to boost production

Western countries have blocked a proposal at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that would have boosted vaccine production.

China summons UK ambassador for her ‘arrogant article’ on media freedom, diplomat pushes back: Here is what transpired

Britain ambassador to China was summoned by the Chinese foreign ministry to chastise her for an article she wrote

British Embassy in Bolivia supported November 2019 coup through ‘civil society orgs’ and media to secure access to Lithium: Report

Socialist Eva Morales stepped down as the president of Bolivia on the 10th of November 2019 in a widely recgonized coup.

NDTV pats itself on the back because it did better than a Hindi channel in the United Kingdom: Here is what happened

NDTV on the 11th of March took to Twitter to pat itself on the back for doing a remarkable job in terms of TRP - in the UK.

Buckingham Palace releases statement after Harry-Meghan’s ‘racism’ allegation, says the issue is ‘concerning’

The Buckingham Palace has released a statement after Prince Harry and his wife Meghan indirectly accused the British royal family of racism.

Burger King UK deletes ‘women belong in the kitchen’ tweet after backlash, issues apology

Burger King UK deletes 'sexiest' tweet, got criticised again for indirectly blaming critics.

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