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The French envoy had said the inclusion of Germany, India, Japan, Brazil and fair representation of African countries is "absolutely needed" to better reflect the world as it is in UN Security Council.
Hardeep Singh Puri served as Permanent Representative of India to UN from 2009 to 2013.
In a letter addressed to Imran Khan, the EU warns of cut in subsidies and trade preferences unless Pakistan takes substantial measures to ensure basic civil rights for religious minorities.
Digvijay Singh, who had earlier doubted the Balakot airstrikes and had peddled the 'Hindu Terror' narrative, goes on to cast aspersions on the UN ban on Masood Azhar too.
Masood Azhar was designated as a global terrorist on the UN Sanctions List
While India rejoiced the listing of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, several vested interested proceeded to spread lies and canards about this historic diplomatic win for India, in their unbridled hatred for PM Modi.
The mastermind of the Pathankot terrorist attack and head of Jaish-e-Mohammed, Masood Azhar, has been designated as a global terrorist in the United Nations Sanctions List
China was sharply criticized for its human rights violation over mass detention of members of the Muslim Uighur community at a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting recently.
The resolution to reduce the use of disposable plastic at the UNEA was guided by India.
PoK activists held Pakistan responsible for fostering and promoting extremism and exporting terrorism in the neighbouring countries
Hafiz Saeed was banned by the UN in December 2008 after the deadly 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai planned by him.
PM Modi to e conferred prestigious Seoul Peace Prize, for his contribution towards world peace and cooperation.
Pakistan has been condemned and shamed Internationally for this cowardly act
If there was any institution on the face of the Earth which had lesser credibility than the Pakistani government, then its the Human Rights division of the United Nations.
India has hinted on abandoning the Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan in the aftermath of the Pulwama Terror attack
Salve added further that Jadhav's trial by a military court hopelessly fails to satisfy even the minimum standards of due process and should be declared unlawful.
UNHCR has claimed that 27 of the 31 arrested are registered with the global agency as refugees and that they had been living in Jammu for the last several years
The exodus of Rohingyas to Bangladesh was sparked by fears of deportation to Myanmar
The most common types of harassment reported in the survey were "sexual stories or jokes that were offensive" and "offensive remarks about appearance, body or sexual activities." However, more serious transgressions were also reported as common.
Nikki Haley stated that President Trump does not want to continue aid to countries, who don't serve the USA's interests.
The Security Council reform is being opposed by a group of countries which includes Pakistan.
In essence, Jawaharlal Nehru was a Bharat Ratna because he went where no Indian kid has ever gone before. He was free from comparisons with the proverbial Sharmaji ka beta
UN Secretary-General has woman human rights activists, political leaders and journalists in conflict areas are being targeted at alarming rates.
In January, India will join 46 other countries as fellow members in the UN's top human rights body.
Saudi is alleged by Turkey of killing one if its critic Jamal Khashoggi, inside Saudi consulate in Istanbul
'Champions of the Earth' is an annually awarded to recognise outstanding environmental leaders for their positive impact on the environment. 
India said that a state whose foundation was laid on religious fundamentalism should not have any opinion on communal harmony
In 2016, US Postal Service had also issued a stamp to celebrate Diwali
One waits for the world to wake up to the gross human rights violations happened right under the world's nose. 
The report among other things claimed that Indian security forces use excessive force in Kashmir

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