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Forced marriages and conversions of Hindu women: UN experts condemn Pakistan for atrocities against minority women in the country

A panel of experts from the UN issued a statement in Geneva and slammed Pakistan for the forced marriages and religious conversions of Christian and Hindu women in Pakistan.

Religiophobia against Non-Abrahamic faith must be acknowledged: India opposes special UN envoy for Islamophobia, abstains from Pakistan’s resolution

India categorically asserted that it is time for the UN body to acknowledge the prevalence of religiophobia beyond Abrahamic faiths

As nations halt funding to UNRWA over charges of involvement in the Oct 7 terror attacks by Hamas, is this the beginning of the...

UNRWA staff involvement in Hamas attack has drawn attention to the need for the United Nations to undertake reforms.

Japan suspends financial support to UNRWA following concerns over UN staff involvement in Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7

Leading contributors such as the United States and Germany have already stopped their financial contributions to UNRWA

United Nations Agency’s staff involved in 7th October terrorist attack on Israel: UNRWA terminates contracts of accused employees after Israel’s charge

UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini said in his statement, "I have decided to immediately terminate the contracts of these staff members and launch an investigation."

Elon Musk calls for restructuring in UN bodies, says India not having permanent UNSC seat is ‘absurd’

Elon Musk called for reforms in UN Bodies. Says India as the world's most populous nation and Africa should have representation in UNSC.

Hamas-sympathising UN employee Lamia Burkart targets whistleblower Khaled Hassan on X, UN first says she didn’t have any X account, later says it was...

Lamia Burkart is a Communications Strategist in UN Human Rights wing. She is a Hamas-sympathiser.

Thousands of Gazans plunder UN aid centre and steal supplies, UNRWA says it is “Sign that civil order is starting to break down in...

Thousands of people plundered warehouses and distribution centres of the UN aid centres in Gaza to grab flour and other basic survival items

‘Massacre of 99 Hindus by Rohingyas could qualify as international crime’: UN investigator for Myanmar

The UN investigator for Myanmar said the massacre of 99 Hindus by Rohingyas could qualify as international crime.

Israel stops issuing visas to UN officials after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tried to contextualise Hamas terror attack, demands his resignation

UN officials were denied visas by Israel after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tried to contextualise Hamas terror attack

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