Monday, April 15, 2024



“Rayta” vs “Trad”: The power of disunity and how liberals bent to forces beyond their control

The “trad” vs “rayta” debate should go mainstream, and occupy the center of the political discourse. Move over, liberals and watch from the sidelines.

Race of the “useful innocents”: Why BJP can’t be fooled by the ‘opposition cannot unite’ Kabuki

It is the BJP that has to watch out, not Congress - because the Congress has the "useful innocents" to do their bidding

Congress leader says Sardar Patel responsible for partition, Nehru’s statue should have been ‘Statue of Unity’

He said that Patel was responsible for fanning the Hindu-Muslim divide during the partition.

‘Divide Hindus’ – The break India trump card

The left-liberal class may break up India by dividing the society

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