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University of Cambridge

Rahul Gandhi returns to India from ‘paid event’ in UK, Congress supporters hail him as ‘Visiting Professor’ of Cambridge University

Rahul Gandhi is far from being the 'Visiting Professor' of the University of Cambridge. In fact, the Congress scion is not even a 'visiting Fellow' as revealed by The New Indian in March 2023

AAP’s Atishi Marlena follows Rahul Gandhi’s lead, and defames India at Cambridge based on lies: Here is the truth about HDI, Hunger Index and...

Global Hunger Report 2022, which Atishi Marlena cited during her anti-India tirade at Cambridge University, was rubbished by the Indian government back in October 2022

Rahul Gandhi lies blatantly to push Khalistan agenda, claims Modi said Sikhs are second-class citizens

The false assertions of Rahul Gandhi emboldened the Khalistani elements who have eagerly been waiting to legitimise their claims for a separate nationhood.

Rahul Gandhi blatantly lies at Cambridge University, says his phone was ‘tapped’ by the government. Read how he is wrong

Rahul Gandhi stated that the intelligence officers had forewarned him that his phone conversations were being taped. They also advised him to exercise caution while using his phone for communication, he said.

Congress-Soros saga continues as Rahul Gandhi to give lecture at Cambridge, where Soros is a donor, to hold closed-door meetings about India-China relations

The Congress party had signed an MoU in 2008 with the Communist Party of China in Beijing to 'exchange' high-level information.

‘They meet only PM’: Rahul Gandhi alleges social media companies are not neutral, claims Facebook supports BJP

Rahul Gandhi said that he does not believe that social media platforms are neutral, and claimed that Facebook is pro-BJP

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