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USA: Columbia University bans anti-Israeli protest leader over calls for Jewish genocide; 550 arrested across US campuses over support for terror group Hamas

Jewish students have shared that they have been made to feel unsafe due to antisemitic undertones at the demonstrations in support of Hamas.

Chinese citizen, who threatened a person for advocating democracy in China, sentenced to prison in USA

This verdict follows Wu's conviction in January on charges of cyberstalking and interstate transmission of threatening communication, as announced by the US Attorney's Office in Massachusetts.

USA’s Congressional Research Service report says CAA provisions violate Articles 14 and 15 of Indian constitution, here’s how it is wrong

Granting citizenship to refugees is totally up to the Indian government and requires no recommendation, concern, or interference from the US government, Congress, or any of its bodies.

Will not participate in any offensive operations: Biden tells Netanyahu that the US will not support any Israeli counterattack to Iran’s assault

The US estimated that almost all Iranian drones and missiles launched against Israel have been knocked out of the sky.

US comes in support of India, slams China for ‘renaming’ 30 places in Arunachal Pradesh

United States has strongly opposed China's claim of sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh, describing it as "unilateral attempts" by Beijing

US soldier burns himself to death protesting against ‘genocide in Palestine’, Muslims call him Kafir regardless

Even after the US soldier Bushnell took the extreme step of self-immolation for Palestine, Islamists denounced his support for Palestine saying that he was a ‘kafir’.

US President Joe Biden calls Israel PM Netanyahu an a**hole in private, criticises Gaza operation

Biden expressed frustration over his inability to persuade Israel to change its military tactics in the Gaza Strip. During a private conversation, Biden reportedly called Netanyahu an 'as***ole'

Senior prosecutor who indicted Donald Trump in Capitol Hill riot case had shut down FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation in 2016: Report

Senior prosecutor Ray Hulser had declined the prosecution of the Clinton Foundation in 2016. He is currently part of the team that has indicted Trump in the 2021 Capitol Hill riot case

USA: Inspired by 7 October Hamas terror attack, New Jersey man tries to join terror group Al-Shabaab for missions of ‘death and destruction’, arrested

As per the US agencies, Nasr told the source, “After the Oct. 7 events, I felt that something has changed [for] the better, I mean. I felt that pride and dignity came back to the Muslims.”

‘India-US partnership strong, extremist groups operating on foreign soil a matter of concern’: PM Modi over bilateral relations and claims of Pannun assassination plot

"If someone gives us any information, we would definitely look into it," PM Modi said in an interview with the UK based newspaper Financial Times.

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