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Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious visit to Uzbekistan, Samantha Power, George Soros, the ‘democracy in danger’ and ‘genocide’ cries: A potential regime change op?

Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious visit to Uzbekistan has created a buzz in India. Why Uzbekistan? Why now, especially when the assembly elections fever is at its peak? We do not have the answers. 

Rahul Gandhi returns from a ‘mysterious trip’ to Uzbekistan: List of his secret ‘foreign trips’, meetings with anti-India elements and calls for foreign interference

Rahul Gandhi’s foreign visits are always shrouded in mystery. Besides political speculations, there is often little to no news about his 'secret' travels abroad.

Goa-bound Azur Air charter flight diverted to Uzbekistan due to a security threat

Russia's charter plane of Azur Air, offering services to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, had a total of 238 passengers on board

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