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Valmiki community

Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’ ruined lives of many girls, kept his marriage hidden: Valmiki community girl who won ₹1 crore scholarship and...

Rohini Ghavari released a video of herself on a video call with Chandrashekhar where he was seen crying.she said that he showed “fake tears” and forced many girls to trust him.

Water bottles were filled with petrol, and clothes of policewomen were torn by attackers: Hindu activist narrates the horror of Haldwani violence

Bombs were made by pouring gasoline into glass and plastic bottles and magazine was also seized from police personnel.

‘These people will kill us’: Valmiki community in Gujarat’s Mandal seeks permission to leave the place after 2 people attacked by Sameer Salim and...

The Valmiki community in Mandal has written to the Taluka Development Officer (TDO), expressing their desire to migrate due to attack on 2 youths

Poet Munawwar Rana ‘falls ill’ after High Court refuses to stay his arrest for defending Taliban by comparing it to Maharishi Valmiki

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court refused to grant Munawwar Rana an interim protection from arrest over his remarks.

Indore: 2 minor girls of Valmiki community harassed, family attacked with glass bottles, Sohail, Irfan, Farukh and others booked

The minor girls and their family members were reportedly attacked with glass bottles and have sustained injuries.

Poet Munawwar Rana can go to jail over derogatory comments on Maharishi Valmiki, earlier Rakhi Sawant was in a soup in similar case

The Valmiki Samaaj, especially those who live in Punjab, disagree with the part of the story that Maharishi Valmiki was a dacoit at any given time.

Madhya Pradesh: Sarpanch mowed down by tractor for complaining against forest land encroachment, Faqeer Ahmed and his four sons arrested

Santram Valmiki killed by a tractor because he had complained against Faqeer Ahmed and his 4 sons for encroaching 100 bigha of forest land

Jammu and Kashmir: Dalits, children of exiled Kashmiri Pandits can now have domicile certificates and get equal rights at jobs

The Valmiki community which was brought to work as sanitation workers by the erstwhile state government in 1957, was not eligible for any government jobs apart from sanitation work, despite living and working in the UT for decades.

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