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New Zealander vlogger Karl Rock hires Delhi lawyer who ‘helped the Tablighi Jamaatis when they got into trouble’ to challenge his blacklisting

Karl Rock informs on his latest video that he will be represented by the Delhi lawyer who fought for the Tablighi Jamaatis

Youtuber Karl Rock’s wife moves to Delhi HC against blacklisting of her husband by Govt of India, who is accused of multiple visa law...

Manisha Malik, wife of New Zealand YouTuber Karl Edward Rice, popularly known as Karl Rock, has moved to the Delhi High Court seeking to quash the orders issued by the Government of India to cancel his visa over repeated violation of the terms of his visa.

Two tourist visas, one X2 visa and Karl Rock violated norms each time: List of violations for which India blacklisted New Zealand YouTuber

India based New Zealand origin vlogger Karl Rock alleged that the Indian government had blacklisted him

New Zealander vlogger Karl Rock blacklisted till next year for doing business on tourist visa, violating other norms, informs MHA

Union Home Ministry has confirmed that India based New Zealand origin Karl Rock was blacklist because he violated his visa conditions

Karl Rock who is allegedly blacklisted by India spent months in Pakistan 2 years after leaving the country due to ISI surveillance, visited PoK...

India based New Zealand origin vlogger Karl Rock went back to Pakistan after leaving the country early in 2018 alleging ISI surveillance on him

Pakistan: 1000 Schengen visa stickers stolen from the Italian embassy, involvement of human traffickers suspected

The price of a Schengen visa starts from Rs 2 million and goes up to Rs 4 million in the black market in Pakistan.

Pakistani woman appeals to Indian govt to grant travel visa to marry her Indian boyfriend, who she met on Facebook

After waiting for more than a year to meet her partner living in India, Pakistani national Suman Rantilal has appealed to the Modi government

‘Take Chinese vaccine’: China tells India and 19 other countries for visa

Each embassy has issued its own notice that differs in wording. However, the general regulations are that foreigners from certain countries who have been fully vaccinated with Chinese vaccines require fewer documents to apply for visas.

Nidhi Razdan, fake Harvard professorship and her blog explaining the fiasco, which raises more questions than answers: Details

Nidhi Razdan has now penned a blog detailing how she fell victim to a phishing attack promising her professorship at Harvard.

Canada politician allegedly flouts visa norms by attending Punjab farmers protests at Kundli border: Read details

Despite warning, Canadian politicians continue to interfere in India's domestic matters.

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