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Modi had urged Khan to creatively try and urge people to come out in large numbers and cast their votes
The Dalit youth, Pawan Kumar, later released a video 'repenting' voting for the BJP by mistake
While journalists use nail polish remover to remove indelible ink to create news, people in Naxal hit areas remove them to prevent attack by Naxals
Politicians and many Congress-friendly journalists regularly float the 'EVMs are hacked' theory during elections or if BJP wins any elections.
Amidst the scenes of horror, there were a few heartwarming scenes
No harm to security forces as well as polling party has been reported.
Congress is ready with its EVM hacking theories, crying conspiracy or preparation of excuses?
Goa churches have carried out such interference in the past
The hypocrisy over the Brexit results continues, with more contrived arguments

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