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‘Allahu Akbar’, ‘Fu*k Joe Biden’: Islamists raise anti-Semitic slogans during pro-Palestine rally outside White House

In a blatant display of hatred for Israel and the Jews, the Islamists chanted, "We don't want a Jewish state. We want '48! (referring to the 1948 Arab-Israel War). 

US Army soldier facing disciplinary action dashes into North Korea from South Korea, Pyongyang unresponsive to communication

US Army soldier Private Travis King crossed into North Korea instead of returning to US from South Korea

Lies and more lies by Rahul Gandhi in Washington: Repeats already-debunked tropes about China occupying land in India. What Indian Army and MEA had...

Rahul Gandhi claimed in the USA that China has occupied 1500 sq km of land and its a fact, while the Indian Army and MEA have already debunked it

As he calls IUML ‘secular’, Rahul Gandhi also furthers lies about CAA in Washington, which led to 2020 anti-Hindu riot in India: Detailed analysis

Rahul Gandhi in Washington furthered dangerous lies about CAA that led to the anti-Hindu Delhi riot by Islamists in 2020.

What does ‘Baizuo’ mean? A term widely popular in China used to describe ‘ignorant and arrogant’ Western Liberals

Former US President Barack Obama was considered by the Chinese state media as an advocate of baizuo ideology.

USA: Pipe bombs found at RNC headquarters and destroyed, suspicious package at DNC, media equipment destroyed

Two pipe bombs have been found at RNC headquarters in Washington DC as chaos and violence grips Capitol Hill.

Welcome to CHAZ: ‘Protesters’ in USA establish autonomous zone in Seattle, demand abolition of police and courts, local ‘Warlord’ takes control

The objective of CHAZ was to establish some form of socialist utopia which epitomises social justice ethos.

Dangerous reporting with use of Hindu-Muslim binary fanning religious polarisation: Kashmiri Americans write a scathing letter Washington Post

A group of overseas Kashmiri Pandits under the banner of ‘Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora’ (GKDP) wrote to the editor of the Washington Post calling out their biased reportage.

USA stands by its statement, says Imran Khan told to take ‘decisive action’ against terrorists

The U.S under the new administration has time and time again raised the issue of growing terrorist activities in Pakistan

Hafiz Saeed’s proxy bags the third position in Pakistan by-election

The proxy of the JuD leader even finished above the Pakistan People's Party candidate

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