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‘The elephant is now wide awake, and don’t you dare to manipulate it now as you did for decades’: Bhima-Koregaon petitioner Tushar Damgude writes...

Tushar Damgude, better known as the prime petitioner in the Bhima-Koregaon and Elgar Parishad case of 2018 that initiated the decisive crackdown against the urban naxals has therefore written a letter to the chiefs of western world nations.

Drying rivers, forest fires and more: Climate Change threat looms over Europe as drought-like conditions break centuries-old record

Europe is facing an acute Climate Change crisis, with rivers drying up and fires engulfing forests in an unprecedented drought.

Ukraine war: Russia bans Google News for ‘spreading disinformation’ weeks after Google blocks Russian media portals

Russia’s Interfax news agency said on Wednesday confirmed that Russia's communication regulator Roskomnadzor determined that the website "provided access to numerous publications and materials containing unreliable socially significant information about the course of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine."

Taliban Delegation reaches Norway for talks with the western world on ‘Human Rights’ and ‘International assistance’

A Taliban delegation arrived in Norway on invitation of Norwegian govt for a three day visit for talks with European leaders

From ‘slumdogs’ to leaving the West behind: Why I felt rage then and hope now

Today, we no longer apologetically own our nationality or even our faith, today, when the West tries to shame us, we stand tall

Cyclone Nisarga to intensify in next 24 hours, likely to hit western coast on Wednesday

The deep depression - 'Cyclone Nisarga', which is headed towards the coasts in Maharashtra and Gujarat, is likely to hit the western coast on Wednesday.

Series | Decoding Indian Belief Systems: Circle versus Line

The major difference between the Western and the Eastern thought is on how they view life: as a line or as a circle

American filmmaker shocked after not finding ‘entrails of minorities hanging by trees in India’

Disclaimer: This post is (obviously) a spoof and not real.

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