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Colombia plans to send Pablo Escobar’s 60 ‘cocaine hippos’ to India and 10 to Mexico, to control their growing population

Colombia plans to fly as many as 70 of its 'cocaine hippos' to India and Mexico in a bid to control their booming population

Fact-check: An aircraft was not specially painted to bring 8 cheetahs to India, read details about the Boeing 747 with Siberian tiger face

The tiger face was painted on the nose of the Boeing 747-400 in 2015 by Russian airline Transaero, which was retained by Terra Avia

Norway: Walrus ‘Freya’ killed by authorities because ‘selfie-hungry’ people won’t stay away from it, wildlife experts outraged

Norway killed Freya the walrus because people did not listen to authorities to stay away from her.

Elephant’s ‘revenge’ act? Tusker kills woman, returns after hours to trample her corpse, then attacks and destroys her house

On June 10, a 60-year-old woman named Maya Murmu from the Raipal village in Mayurbhanj's Rasagobindapur area was attacked and trampled by an elephant in the forest near her village.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve witnesses rare twin elephant birth, new calves seen taking baby steps as mother watches

Wild mother elephant in Bandipur Tiger Reserve gives birth to twins.

Bengal monitor lizard gang-raped in Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, four arrested

Four persons caught in suspect of hunting in Maharashtra, forest officials found they raped a Bengal monitor lizard

Thousands of birds rescued by Delhi Police in a raid on illegal bird market near Jama Masjid

The illegal bird market in Delhi has been around for a long time and is located near the Jama Masjid.

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin wants to stop the Neutrino Observatory project at Theni, writes to PM Modi citing environmental concerns

In his letter, MK Stalin has written that the proposed project site at Pottipuram village in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu falls within the Mathikettan-Periyar tiger corridor as mapped by the National Tiger Conservation Authority and if the project is carried out, it may 'destroy' the genetic flow of the corridor.

As Kevin Pieterson hails PM Modi for success in Rhino conservation efforts in Assam, read how he also plays an important role in saving...

Kevin Pieterson thinks India is the global leader in Conservation of endangered Rhino species and has taken to Twitter to laud India's efforts

PM Narendra Modi lauds the Air Gun Surrender Abhiyan of Arunachal Pradesh to end hunting of wildlife

Air Gun Surrender Abhiyan' was launched in Arunachal Pradesh to motivate people to surrender their air guns used for hunting birds

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