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Women Rights

The debate on Marital Rape has no easy answers: Here is why the Delhi High Court gave a split verdict

Justice Shakdher stated that the legal exception provided to husbands in case of non-consensual sexual intercourse is 'steeped in misogyny' and effectively conveys that only the forced sex that happens outside of marriage is rape while forced sex inside a marriage is 'allowed'.

‘Don’t invite girls on stage’: Kerala Maulvi lashes out at fellow clerics for inviting a meritorious girl on stage to receive an award

When the class 10 student named Mashida was called on stage to receive the prize for topping her class, senior cleric MT Abdulla Musaliyar walked towards the place where the girl was felicitated and reprimanded the fellow clerics for inviting "a girl on stage".

Rajasthan doctor suicide case: Dausa SP removed, SHO suspended, FIR registered against instigators for abetting suicide

Dasua SP removed, SHO suspended. FIR against instigators filed by deceased doctor's husband.

Smriti Irani slams NCP MP Fauzia Khan over her remark ‘girls are married because they have nothing else to do’

Smriti Irani in the RS said that the government is taking all the steps to make sure that the girls under the marriageable age are secure and are being provided proper education.

Rajasthan: Distressed gynaecologist who was charged with murder after patient’s death commits suicide, hospitals go on strike

The doctor in her suicide note has stated that PPH is a known medical condition and blaming her for the patient's death is unfair.

‘Kuffar will never be happy’: Islamists slam Taliban for not being Islamic enough, condemn them for wishing on Women’s Day

Many have taken to the social networking site to accuse the Taliban regime "for not being Islamic enough" after it issued a statement on women's day

Taliban extends greetings to Afghan women on International Women’s Day, promise facilities in ‘light of Islam and accepted tradition’

The Taliban government in Afghanistan have issued a statement on International Women's Day, claiming they are committed to addressing the plight of Afghan women

The Burqa over barbarism and trauma: Millions of Muslim women at risk due to Female Genital Mutilation, no Islamic organisation protests for their rights

Somali Muslim women narrate how their genitalia were sewed shut when they were young as part of FGM

Taliban judge says women have lesser brains: Read how human rights are crushed in Afghanistan after Taliban have taken over

Afghanistan under the Taliban rule has become the house for every possible misery.

‘Visiting Churches in Goa is nonsense’: Read Darul Uloom’s interesting Fatwas before NCPCR shuts down their website

Darul Uloom Deoband is an Islamic seminary in UP's Saharanpur that is the birthplace of the Sunni Deobandi Islamic movement.

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