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Women Rights

‘Which gay man without a uterus has a menstrual cycle?’ Smriti Irani to RJD MP Manoj Jha’s question on menstrual hygiene for the LGBTQIA...

Union Minister Smriti Irani responded to RJD MP Manoj Jha who sought menstrual hygiene for members of LGBTQIA community.

33% quota, rotation of seats after each delimitation, 15 year effective period: All you need to know about Women Reservation Bill

The bill will only come into effect after 2027 when a fresh census will be conducted and existing constituencies will be redrawn.

Afghanistan: Taliban now bans girl students from attending school beyond third grade

The Taliban regime has banned girls over 10 years of age from attending primary school classes in some provinces of Afghanistan

Covering up and spray painting was not enough: Taliban orders closure of all hair and beauty salons run by women

The Taliban stated that it respects women's rights in accordance with its interpretation of Islamic law and Afghan customs.

Afghan women start food takeaway service in a bid to bypass the Taliban’s prohibitions on female employment

"Women are banned from working out of the house, we planned to be at home and have activities, so we started making Afghan traditional food," said the head of the kitchen, Manizha Sadat.

‘Gender equality is 300 years away’: UN says women ‘erased from public life’ in Afghanistan, raises concerns over vanishing rights

"In some countries, girls going to school risk kidnapping and assault. In others, police prey on vulnerable women they have sworn to protect. Gender equality is growing more distant. On the current track, UN Women puts it 300 years away," the UN Chief said.

Kabul’s female mannequins covered with black plastic bags – A symbol of Taliban rule in Afghanistan

The women customers feel a sense of fear as they look at the hooded mannequins donned in elaborate dresses. "When I see them, I feel that these mannequins are also captured and trapped, and I get a sense of fear. I feel like I see myself behind these shop windows, an Afghan woman who has been deprived of all her rights," a woman shopping at the Lycee Maryam Street was quoted as saying.

Afghanistan: Kabul University professor tears up diploma certificate to oppose Taliban’s ban on women education

The Taliban govt in Afghanistan had directed public and private universities to suspend access to university education for female students

Afghanistan: Male students walk out in protest after Taliban bans women’s entry into universities

Several male students at the Nangarhar University in Jalalabad and at Kandahar University in Afghanistan staged a protest and expressed solidarity with the women. The male students walked out of the examination hall at the University and stood by women's rights in the country.

Afghanistan: Taliban imposes ban on university education for women

The ban on higher education comes three months after thousands of girls and women across the country took university entrance exams. 

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