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women's day

‘Locked inside hostel premises, asked to call our guardians’: Female students of Delhi University protest against ‘curbs’ on movement during Holi

The female students of Delhi University Rajiv Gandhi Hostel raised slogans and protested against the curbs that barred them from going out on account of Holi

International Women’s Day: How social parameters continue to make things difficult for women, time we ‘Embrace Equity’

Women have been demanding equality for decades now but this year the theme for International Women's day is 'Embrace Equity', which goes a step further and refers to offering varying levels of support depending upon the need to achieve greater fairness of outcomes.

Pakistan: Islamists outrage against Aurat March held on International Women’s Day, burqa-clad women launch ‘Haya March’ to oppose it

Islamists in Pakistan abused and ridiculed participants of Aurat March, besides calling them "agents of western immorality"

NATO shares image of Ukrainian soldier wearing Nazi insignia; deletes it later

The official Twitter account of NATO shared a picture of a Ukrainian woman soldier with a Nazi insignia emblazoned on her uniform

‘Kuffar will never be happy’: Islamists slam Taliban for not being Islamic enough, condemn them for wishing on Women’s Day

Many have taken to the social networking site to accuse the Taliban regime "for not being Islamic enough" after it issued a statement on women's day

Taliban extends greetings to Afghan women on International Women’s Day, promise facilities in ‘light of Islam and accepted tradition’

The Taliban government in Afghanistan have issued a statement on International Women's Day, claiming they are committed to addressing the plight of Afghan women

Did you know: Chalukya Queen Rani Naiki Devi had once defeated Islamic marauder Muhammad Ghori in the battle of Kayadara

Rani Naiki Devi was the daughter of Mahamandaleshwar Parmadi, the king of Kadamba. She defeated Ghori in 1178.

Women in the Indian movie and entertainment industry: Still caged inside toxic stereotypes

We are in 2022, but our TV serials still show that the illiterate, cowering, demure, never arguing, dumb bahu is the good bahu and the good daughter, but the educated, smart, assertive, confident woman is the villain, whose only goal in life is to scheme and try to steal the husbands of all the good bahus.

Burger King UK deletes ‘women belong in the kitchen’ tweet after backlash, issues apology

Burger King UK deletes 'sexiest' tweet, got criticised again for indirectly blaming critics.

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