Tuesday, July 27, 2021


women's day

UP government to award 13-year old girl on Women’s Day for stopping child marriage of her minor cousin

13-year old girl, who had stopped cousin’s child marriage, to be awarded by the Uttar Pradesh government on Women's Day

PM Modi dispels rumours about his quitting social media. Here is what will actually happen to his social media account on Sunday

PM Modi had yesterday posted a cryptic tweet about leaving social media platforms on coming Sunday

On International Women’s Day, Rahul Gandhi probably has the most absurd reaction on the issue of rape

Rahul Gandhi's address on International Women's Day was cringeworthy, to say the least

On this International Women’s Day, the Kerala Government should arrest Bishop Franco Mulakkal

Bishop Franco Mulakkal is still a free man today. Still a revered man. Still a hero.

India’s all women operated railways stations: Women empowerment on the right track

The Indian Railways has made several railway stations run by an entirely female staff

The Congress party reduces women empowerment to a caricature on International Women’s Day

The idea of women empowerment for the Congress party is limited to elitist trivialities

International Women’s Day 2018 : Read what women members had to say in Rajya Sabha

The speaker gave all women MPs an opportunity to speak today

Women’s Day: the powerful Trinity in the Council of Ministers

Raising a toast to women on top in Indian politics

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