Monday, September 26, 2022


workplace harassment

Calling a man ‘bald’ is sexual harassment: UK employment tribunal

The judge ruled that since hair loss is more prevalent among men, commenting on a man's baldness at the workplace is similar to commenting on a woman's breasts

‘Tujhe equity chahiye toh ek chummi to de de’: Former ScoopWhoop anchor accuses CEO Sattvik Mishra of sexual assault

ScoopWhoop's former employee Samdish Bhatia has alleged that CEO Sattvik Mishra had sexually assaulted him.

‘News channel owner forced me to convert to Islam, abused and threatened’: Woman journalist alleges police inaction

The woman alleged owner of News Action Network, an online news channel, was forcing her to convert to Islam and hasn't paid her salary.

Female employee at Tesla factory says women face ‘rampant sexual harassment’ at the workplace: Read details of her complaint

Employee working at Tesla Inc’s Fremont factory in California said that the female employees are subjected to continuous sexual harassment

Uttar Pradesh: Govt officer in Secretariat arrested for sexually harassing woman colleague, was caught on camera

Ichchharam Yadav had been harassing the victim since 2018 and threatening her saying she would lose her job if she refused his advancements, as per reports.

Former Wikimedia Foundation staff with autism calls out ‘bullies who run it’, accusations of ‘toxic work culture’ surface

Wikimedia former staffer James Hare claimed he was bullied at workplace and found support from others after he revealed the same.

Twitter operated without committee against sexual harassment as required by the Indian law for more than six years: Report

Twitter India operated for over six years without a committee on sexual harassment to address grievances of employees.

More allegations of sexual assault emerge against farmer protest activists, Yogendra Yadav’s party issues statement

Shocking allegations of sexual assault against activists associated with the farmer protests have surfaced.

‘Was humiliated and targeted’: Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj called out for toxic work environment and workplace harassment

Allegations of mistreatment of 'women-of-colour' at the sets of the 'Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj' have now surfaced on social media.

Sona Mohapatra slams Sony TV for reinstating Anu Malik as a judge in Indian Idol, criticises music industry colleagues for supporting him

Sonam Mohapatra has written an open letter expressing her disappointment over Sony TV's decision to reinstate #MeToo accused Anu Malik as a judge of the reality TV show Indian Idol.

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