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Indian Embassy to Saudi Arabia informs that 18 Indian soldiers stuck in Nishtun Port in Yemen have been rescued, will soon return to India

18 soldiers who were stuck at Nishtun Port finally reached Aden safely, Indian Embassy to Saudi Arabia informed on X

Saudi guards killed hundreds of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers at Yemen border: Human Rights Watch Report

In the 73-page report titled “They Fired on us like Rain”, HRW has shared graphic testimonies of those who came out of harm's way recount their experience.

Yemen: Islamist group ‘Houthis’ ban imports from Sweden after man burns Quran outside masjid on Eid

"Yemen is the first Islamic country to ban imports of Swedish goods after its violations and desecration of Muslims' holiest," Houthi trade minister said.

Yemen: More than 80 people die in stampede after Houthis fire gun to control crowds during Ramzan aid distribution

Over 80 people lost their lives in Sanaa, Yemen when an event to distribute money among the poor turned into a stampede.

Kerala: Six-member family from Kasaragod on radar of security agencies after they illegally enter war-torn Yemen, suspected of joining ISIS

Both the man and his wife are MBA graduates from Bengaluru. The couple took their four children to Yemen. The four children are aged three, five, six, and nine years old.

7 Indian sailors rescued by the Indian government from Houthis’ captivity in Yemen reach India, thank PM Modi

The rescued sailors finally reached Delhi on 26th of April after a nearly 4 months-long ordeal in Yemen.

No blue eyes, no blond hair: Is that why victims of war in Ethiopia and Yemen are children of a lesser God?

While the west focuses on humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, it has turned a blind eye to sufferings of victims in Ethiopia and Yemen

Kerala: 14-member Salafist family, led by Abdul Hasheem and his wife, tried to enter war-torn Yemen to ‘study Islam’, denied entry

14-member Kerala family tried to enter Yemen from Oman. The group was led by a couple and included four minors

Rana Ayyub’s brother Arif Ayyub wants Muslim nations to join military forces against Saudi, UAE and attack Israel, rants against India

Arif Ayyub was seen raving and ranting against the improving ties between Israel and UAE. He called the Saudi and UAE rulers 'debauch Arabs' who are not Islamic enough.

Yemen crisis: Why did Saudi Arabia intervene and what upset the Islamists

Saudi Arabia formed a multinational coalition in March 2015 to put an end to the political impasse in Yemen and restore President Hadi's government.

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