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Congress spokesperson considers a fictitious address true, tries to report netizen criticising Congress to Islamic nation: Why it’s not only funny, but also dangerous

The Congress has takes a page out of propagandist Mohammed Zubair's jihadi playbook to term anything in defence of Hindus as Islamophobic

“Superpower rising, stop drooling over China”: Experts hail India’s swift response to rescue ship under Houthi attack, points out Chinese inaction

Experts and distinguished voices from across the world heaped praise on India after the Indian Navy merchant vessel INS Visakhapatnam responded to a distress call by merchant vessel Marlin Luanda in the Gulf of Aden

Houthis-US conflict deepens: Iran-backed Yemeni rebel group hits US-owned ship after “global terrorist” re-designation by America

In televised statements, Houthis vowed that the group would continue its attacks in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

Russia requests the UN Security Council to convene an urgent meeting over US and UK airstrikes in Yemen

Russia has requested the United Nations Security Council to convene on January 12 in connection with strikes carried out by the United States and the United Kingdom in Yemen

US and UK bomb more than dozen Houthi targets in Yemen after they attack 27 commercial ships in Red Sea: What happened

Reportedly, there have been 27 attacks on international commercial ships by the Houthi movement, affecting more than 50 nations. The US President informed that the Houthis had taken crews belonging to more than 20 nations as hostages.

Who are the Shiite rebel group Houthis, whose attacks in Red Sea and Indian Ocean are threatening World Maritime Security

Houthis is a Yemen-based group that has launched fresh attacks on commercial ships enroute to Israel in support of Hamas against Israel

US announces 10-nation naval force to combat Houthi rebels threatening maritime trade in Red Sea route

The violence has scared off merchants, with oil giant BP joining container shipping company Maersk in rerouting transits away from the Red Sea. The redirected transits could force vessels to take a much longer hike around Africa and dent the pace of commercial shipping.

Iran-backed Houthis share video of them hijacking cargo ship coming to India, Japan govt negotiating with Yemen rebel group to secure its release

on 19th November, as the ship was travelling from Turkey to India, it was attacked by a group of rebels from Yemen. According to the group, Israel's "heinous acts" in Gaza were the reason behind the attack.

Millions of Muslims starve in war-ravaged Yemen, but Houthis declare war against Israel 1000 miles away to support Hamas

After Hamas and Hezbollah, now Houthis of Yemen have joined the war against Israel by launching attacks from Red Sea

Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen declare war against Israel, claim responsibility for missile and drone attacks on the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat

The Israeli military said that the Arrow air defense system intercepted a surface-to-surface missile launched from the “Red Sea area” at Israel. This was the first operational use of the long-range system during the war with Hamas.

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