An open letter to Rahul Gandhi from an Indian

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi

We could’ve begun this in a thousand other ways. But remembering your IQ from “politics is even in your shirt and pants”, we would just like to ask, “Do you even know what has happened in JNU? Do you have any idea who has been arrested, or why? Or are you just parroting some generic rants taught to you after May, 2014?”
We know that your loyal supporters (rabid, illogical NaMo-haters, more like) would be enraged by now. But who cares?? By supporting you, they haven’t left too IITian of their own impressions either!

Coming to the topic, why are you supporting people who want to defragment this country?? Why is it that the person at your right hand-Jyotiraditya Scindia-both figuratively and literally, dared to say; “Only shouting slogans is not sedition”?

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Has the Congress party lost all the sense of history?

In Cambridge, in a house on 3-Hambstern Road, Pakistan was conceived in the form of one slogan, one pamphlet; by one Rahmat Ali, on 28th January, 1933. Congress party laughed it off at that time also! Why are you hell-bent to commit the same mistake twice?

Or is it deliberate? Has the Congress decided to ‘punish’ the country for electing Narendra Modi and ousting you out of the power so unceremoniously by throwing in their weight behind the people who want to destroy India?

Mr. Gandhi, not just the party, but you personally claimed exclusive intellectual property right over the ‘Idea of India’, since it was supposedly first coined by the ancestor of both you and your party, Jawaharlal Nehru! Is this the Idea of India by Nehru?

India wants to know the official stance of you and your party on the JNU issue. On one hand, Jyotiraditya Scindia advocates turning a blind eye to the slogans and marches calling for India’s total annihilation. He says that calling for ‘freedom, from India, at gunpoint’ is not sedition.

On the other hand, one Akhilesh Pratap Singh- who claims to be the official spokesperson of your party slams the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Delhi Police for not being able to rope in all the perpetrators of such an anti-national crime.

And now you have your former Home Minister, expressing “grave doubts about the extent of Afzal Guru’s involvement” in the Parliament attack case. This after the Courts gave him more than a fair trial, with multiple appeals and petitions, and after your own Government hanged him.

Which person do you stand with?

More than that, we, the people of India, would like to know your own thoughts and stand on the matter first.

You accuse Narendra Modi of being the harbinger of gusse ki raajneeti (politics of anger and discord) and nafrat ki raajneeti (politics of hatred). Please tell me how does “Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi” translate into anything but that!

You seem to be too fond of political tourism, Rahul Ji! You were seen at UP Dalit’s home; you make flying-squad like visits to the people creating ruckus in various parts of the country. And yet, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find you at the funeral of any soldiers who had died for this country!

You could go to Hyderabad to show solidarity towards a  student, who considered the terrorist Yakub Memon a role model, and wanted a thousand more like him to be born! But you never visited the home of Hanumanthappa Koppad, who died in Siachin, after being buried for days in snow, trying to cling to last threads of his life to defend the country. Why?

You can visit the same JNU campus which didn’t let your own Prime Minister address them peacefully, which celebrated the cowardly murder of 76 CRPF soldiers, and where the serving officers of the Indian Army were beaten up for saying “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. But, in the same Delhi, you never visited the corpses of nine other valiant colleagues of Hanumanthappa, whose bodies were there to be paid homage to.

Your NSUI roughed up ABVP workers for showing you black flags. Remember Lala Lajpat Rai, an illustrious member of your very own Congress? He was also beaten up by the British for showing the black flags to Sir John Simon. Result? Every blow to his body became a nail in the coffin of British Raj.

And yet you have the audacity to call this government anti-democratic, quelling the voice of difference of opinion??

You champion for human rights, freedom of speech and liberty of those who chant “India go back! Indian army go back!”

Do you have any idea what would happen if army retreats even for fifteen minutes? Kashmiris will slaughter each other; and the survivors, if any, would be swallowed by Pakistan, along with the state.

There are a lot of people who might not agree with the hanging of Afzal, even though he was indeed a terrorist. We call them overly-humane people; and it’s okay to be one, or even try convincing others to see their viewpoint. That’s what a democracy does, as a society- preserving different opinions. But to call him martyr? Completely unacceptable!

And who hanged Afzal in the first place, Rahul Gandhi?? YOUR government! The Home Minister, at that time, was one Sushil Shinde; who, on public record, owed his ministerial berth to your mother Sonia Gandhi. So doesn’t it mean that it was your mom who ‘killed’ the innocent soul Afzal Guru- by the same logic that RSS is controlling Narendra Modi??

Are you also ‘sharminda’ for the continued survival of your mother, as implied by the slogan, “Afzal hum sharminda hain, tere katil zinda hain!”?

You think that every single time, you and your party can get away with these anti-national acts, under the name of democracy and difference of opinion. But here’s where you have gone most wrong! You cannot. This country has stopped taking any more shit from you.

And you will see it. If the last LS elections were your decimation, the forthcoming ones will be your party’s political butchering. Your party shall be uprooted, destroyed and left to nothing by the voters.

Please go back to Chhota Bheem and your ‘sabbatical retreats’ in the sex-havens of Thailand, Rahul Gandhi. A person like you doesn’t deserve a place among us.

We addressed this letter to you not as a person yourself, Rahul Gandhi. As a person, we’re not sure if we may even WhatsApp you, even if we had your super-secret SPG-protected number (which, for the record, we have paid for, through our taxes).We write it to the chair that you hold- Vice-President, and heir-apparent to the Presidency, of the oldest party of this country.

You and your party are already beyond redemption. So kindly remove yourself from the path of all the further destruction by the common voters. That’s the best you can hope for.

Writer-Editor Wannabe-Author, blogger, poet, novelist, illogical Bhai-tard, vitriolic Gangulian, self-styled philosopher, wannabe politician, lost in this world. (Over) Thinker. Writing is all I know, that’s all I can do!

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