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Possible attack planned on 23rd May, which is also the 17th day of Ramzan, the day when Battle of Badr was fought.
Iqbal Singh is a CRPF Head Constable driver who was driving one of the vehicles when the CRPF convoy was attacked by JeM in Pulwama in February.
Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti suggested the implementation of Sharia and stoning the culprit to death
In a worrying development, the Islamic State (ISIS) has issued a statement claiming to have established its "province" in India.
The leftist propaganda The Wire interviewed PDP spokesperson Waheed ur-Rahman Para which was published as an 'edited testimony' by the portal on 5th of May 2019. 
Despite threats from militants, Gul Mohammad Mir's security was withdrawn by the government.
Sri Lanka's army chief has stated that some of the Easter Sunday suicide bombers had visited India earlier.
Yesterday was a day of pure terror. The death toll in Sri Lanka continued to mount throughout the day.
Congress government had released 90,000 PoWs and the captured lands after the 1971 war, a mistake which costs us even to this day.
The girl had earlier also tried to file a police complaint against her father but the complaint was not filed
YouTube has now restored the pulled down OpIndia video, however, it has been put behind an age restriction.
The BJP manifesto for the 2019 elections has hit the right chord on Kashmir.
Politicians from Kashmir are calling upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir to defy the ban on access to Baramullah-Udhampur 270-km highway which came into force on Sunday.
One of the three videos on Kashmir issue by Nitin Rivaldo has been flagged as age-restricted by YouTube
Congress has today released its Manifesto for 2019 Elections. It was launched by Rahul Gandhi, the dynast president of the family-run political party.
The Congress party, with much fanfare released its election manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday, 2nd April 2019.
Comedian Nitin Gupta aka Rivaldo, in this three-part video, has exposed how the discourse around the Kashmir issue is flawed mostly due to the excuses provided by the 'liberals'.
Lashkar-e-taiba terrorists murdered a 12 year old boy in Kashmir, Atif Mir, who they had taken as hostage after security forces surrounded them in a counter-terrorism operation. The terrorists were then killed by the security forces during a gun battle.
Our policy with respect to Pakistan is either delusional or non-existent, it is time we set that right.
What will it take for peace activists to stand with an average Indian and bargain for a pure non-negotiable form of actual peace?
It has been known for a while that Western mainstream media is the biggest purveyor of propaganda and the BBC's recent segment on Kashmir is further evidence of that effect.
Pakistan's love-hate relationship with peace. On one hand, appeal for peace, on the other hand, continue the ceasefire violations
A video is in circulation, reports say, where a terrorist is saying that the slain terrorist planned to carry out a suicide attack as it lowers the morale of the security forces.
The intel has come at a time when tension have been prevailing between the two countries in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack and the subsequent airstrikes conducted by the Indian Air Force to eliminate terrorist camps across the border.
Jamaat-e-Islami, the banned organisation, is suspected of funding the terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen
We can't find a solution to 'Kashmir problem' unless we are honest about the problem itself
The same picture was being circulated as a photograph of the downed Indian jet, however, analysis by IAF officers has confirmed that it is actually an F16, ANI has reported.
Armies of the world don't fight for war's sake. They fight so peace can prevail. The Army of India fights so peace can prevail with a bunch of mercenaries from Pakistan who wage Jihad. 
Pakistan has been spreading numerous fake images claiming that they have indeed brought down some Indian aircraft. Images from a crash in 2016 are being peddled as PoK crash today

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