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This parody account of Venkaiah Naidu managed to fool Ministry of Housing

Whatever Narendra Modi might or might not achieve as a Prime Minister, one thing which he has beyond doubt achieved is popularizing acronyms. In the last couple of years Modi has entertained many of his supporters by coining catchy campaign acronyms like:

  • ABCD: Aadarsh ghotala, Bofors ghotala, Colgate ghotala and Damad ka ghotala
  • SCAM: Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati

Not just election campaigns, the acronyms have also found their way into governance mantra, with latest being EPI (Every Person is Important) which the Prime Minister shared in his latest Mann Ki Baat.

But the Prime Minister is not alone. Modi’s acronym coining has also been adopted by Minister Venkaiah Naidu who famously made “Modi” an acronym itself, which was supposed to mean “Maker Of Developed India”.

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He is further credited with making the term “Young” an acronym, which was to mean “You Owe U & Nation Greatness”.

This skill of developing acronyms has now prompted some avid twitter user to create a parody account of Venkaiah Naidu which has been tweeting acronyms in the last few days. The account named Venkronym Naidu has come up with the following inventions, which would no doubt impress the real Naidu:

And the tweet which led to filing of this report:

“Venkronym” coined an acronym for MoHUPA which is actually a short-form of Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation which is headed by the real Naidu.

The ministry it seems thought that the above acronym was coined by the honourable minister himself, and thus their official Twitter handle retweeted it:

When the official handle of Ministry of Housing re-tweeted a parody account

They also seemed to have loved the tweet so much that they not just retweeted it but also liked it:

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsSoon they realized their mistake and proceeded to un-retweet it.

Now maybe in the future they would be able to spot a PARODY or as Venkaiah Naidu might call it “Pastime And Recreation Of Diabolic Youths”.

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