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Madhya Pradesh Congress Twitter account shared a cropped image of a satire article as 'real news'
If only Pakistan would focus on giving medical treatment to hepatitis patients instead of breeding terrorists, things would be so much better
Manickam Tagore later deleted the tweet and apologised
Parody and reality just stop being different when it concerns AAP
Find out what kind of articles, tweets, and deeds you would have witnessed if Hindus were to celebrate Ramzan.
The line between reality and satire is so blurred, it has become increasingly easy to mistake satire for real.
Will self-proclaimed fact checkers take cognisance?
Many mistakenly thought he had fallen for a parody account.
A satirical tweet by a parody account was propagated as Justice Katju's statement
A satirical report about BMC's problems with an RJ who came up with a parody song.
Some corporators are reported to be urging BMC to sue RJ Malishka for a parody song on the corporation.
A parody account of Abhishek Bachchan on Twitter had posted something, which became news for NDTV.
The minister might not be so happy after he discovers what happened
The YouTube channel of a popular parody group is getting banned for mocking AAP. Meet the founders.
Satirist Ashwin S Kumar imagines himself as Sagarika Ghose, and writes what she would have written.
An Adarsh Liberal columnist writes for an esteemed publication to uphold the principles of freedom.
Suppression of free speech or fight against an impersonator?
Parody of the song from Hindi movie Fukrey, which has been written as an ode to Robert Vadra.

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