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This is how Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan, slammed Rahul Gandhi for his ‘hug and wink’ move

The ongoing Lok Sabha discussions on no-confidence motion witnessed high drama on Friday afternoon when, Congress President Rahul Gandhi walked over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and gave him a hug.

While it was being considered by some as a gesture made in good faith, the whole episode later reeked of pre-scripted drama when Rahul Gandhi followed up the hug with a wink, which was supposedly directed at his fellow party colleague.

This episode though has failed to amuse Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan who has slammed Rahul Gandhi for his stunt.

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Soon after the proceedings resumed at 4:30 PM, Home Minister Rajnath Singh brought Rahul’s episode to the house’s notice and described it as a “Chipko movement”. Following Rajnath Singh’s comment, Mahajan stepped into the matter by asserting that Rahul’s actions weren’t proper.

She stated that such an actions don’t befit the house’s decorum and that there’s a dignity attached to the Prime Minister’s position. Congress leaders like Gaurav Gogoi and Mallikarjun Kharge opposed Mahajan in this regard but she shot them down by saying that such actions should not take place and that it had also not gone down well with the speaker’s chair.

She explained her view by reminding the MPs that the house has a decorum and when Modi sits in the Prime Minster’s seat he sits there as a Prime Minister, and not as an individual citizen.

In a possible way of taking an aim at Rahul Gandhi, she also stated that everyone must keep it in their mind that they have to behave in a dignified manner as members of parliament. She further took note of Rahul’s wink and strongly stated that everyone has to maintain the dignity of the house.

After directly referring to Rahul Gandhi, she made it clear that Rahul is not her enemy and considers him like her son. In the same breath though she added that she has the right to reprimand him when he does something wrong.

Such a message by Mahajan was received positively by some social media users:

It remains to be seen whether the speaker would end the matter with a reprimand, or would she instead choose to take further action against the Congress President for his act.

For more updates and a detailed coverage of the no-confidence motion proceedings, you can check out our live blog 

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