Home News Reports Changes in Twitter bio of Congress IT cell head fuels speculation about punishment/promotion

Changes in Twitter bio of Congress IT cell head fuels speculation about punishment/promotion

Social media has been abuzz since the Congress IT cell head Divya Spandana removed the details from her Twitter bio which described her as someone who handles social media and digital communications for Congress.

Change in bio of Divya Spandana on Twitter

Hours back, her bio was reinstated and she is again back to ❤️ing Congress.

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Speculations were rife that Divya may have been fired either for the various goof ups by Congress on social media, or for not taking a stand against teammates accused of sexually predatory behaviour or for just sharing soft porn websites to prove ‘Rafale scam’.

Many also claimed that she might actually be promoted considering she has successfully managed to train a team of trolls and also show us different facets of Rahul Gandhi.

While Divya has reportedly refuted claims of Divya being sacked from Congress, NDTV has claimed Divya was ‘upset’ with Congress as much of her role was transferred to Nikhil Alva, son of Congress leader Margaret Alva, limiting her duty. She has also reportedly not shown up for work, showing maybe all is not well. NDTV report also claims that her ‘Mera PM Chor Hai‘ stunt hasn’t gone down too well with Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

But going by how Rahul Gandhi himself has reduced the post of the president of the grand old party to a troll, by his hug-and-wink drama and his lies on Rafale deal, it really wouldn’t come as a surprise if Divya is indeed promoted to a bigger, meatier role.

And now that the bio is back, here is a poll for you, dear readers. What do you think? Has Divya been punished or promoted?

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