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Justin Trudeau govt in Canada spends $8 million in search for dead bodies over viral ‘mass graves’ story at Kamloops residential school, finds nothing

Canada squandered $8 million in an endeavour to search for bodies over viral 'mass graves' story at Kamloops residential school but found nothing.

As Reetam Singh gets arrested for fake video of Amit Shah, here is how his father was caught lying after Reetam met with an...

After telemetry data published by Ola showed that Reetam Singh was over speeding and its brakes worked fine, his father claimed breach of privacy

‘Deliberate act of religious vilification’: Allahabad HC denies relief to Owais Khan for offensive remarks on Lord Shiva

The court pronounced that the accused's derogatory comments on Lord Shiva exposed his malicious intent.

“The world must laugh at us”: Sindh High Court orders Pakistan to lift ban on social media platform X after Islamabad confirms suspicion of...

The ban on X was imposed during the Pakistan general elections during which time internet services were also banned in the Islamic country with the interior ministry citing security reasons

Elon Musk-owned ‘X’ (Twitter) suspends over 2 lakh Indian accounts for policy violations including promoting child sexual abuse, nonconsensual nudity & terrorism

212,627 accounts were banned between 26th February and 25th March, 2024 for spreading illegal and dangerous content

‘Shirk, Kafir’: Islamists abuse former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan as he shares photos of Gudhi Padwa celebrations on social media

This is not the first time that Zaheer Khan has received hateful comments from Islamists for celebrating Hindu festivals. In 2022, he came under attack from Islamists for celebrating Diwali

Indians can finally add Community Notes to fake and misleading tweets on X: Here is how to apply

On 4th April, X (formerly Twitter) announced that the Community Notes program is now available for users in India.

Baltimore bridge collapse: Racist online attacks on ‘Indian crew’ of ship MV Dali despite local pilots steering it

While social media users indulged in racial attacks on Indians, it was the Indian crew that alerted the port authorities about the possible collapse after ship lost power. Even President Biden has praised the crew's timely action.

Since OpIndia stonewalled Guardian’s latest hit-job attempt against Kajal Hindustani, here is a tear-jerker they could write supporting their Hinduphobic journalist

Hannah Ellis-Petersen and her colleagues of The Guardian were hounding Kajal Hindustani for an interview

‘Swiggy ad’ mocking Zomato shared by online trolls, Swiggy issues clarification: Here’s what happened

As this advertisement attributed to Swiggy went viral online, the food aggregator issued a statement denying their involvement.

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