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Hey MadeInAmethi.com, your apology was not needed, your CEO has promised Made in Jabalpur phone

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is on a campaign trail in Madhya Pradesh ahead of assembly elections in the state, addressing one rally after another. And in every speech, there is one constant, a promise to set up a mobile phone manufacturing unit the place. This has become so common that people have taken it for granted, and before the start of a speech by Rahul Gandhi, people predict that he will promise a “made in <insert place name>” mobile factory, which eventually comes true. Other than mobile phones, Rahul Gandhi also talks about factories of shoes, clothes etc.

Based on such speeches by the Congress president, a website has come up as a platform for various production ideas of Rahul Gandhi, called MIA (made in Amethi). This website gives details of announcements to be made by their ‘CEO’ Rahul Gandhi about new factories.

Today, Rahul Gandhi was campaigning in Jabalpur. And as always, people were eagerly waiting for the announcement of ‘made in Jabalpur’ mobile phones.

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Few Eager Tweets

Even the website was so sure about the announcement they had listed it as their upcoming event. The site had announced that their CEO will launch made in Jabalpur mobile phones on 6th October.

The Confidence

Later in the day, Rahul Gandhi started his speech, and people eagerly tuned into the speech to hear the announcement. But no, something wrong happened, the speech ended, and Rahul Gandhi did not promise the much-awaited mobile phone factory in Jabalpur. This disappointed the entire country, not to speak about people of Jabalpur who were devasted at this ‘betrayal’. What wrong the people of Jabalpur have done to not deserve a phone factory which every other town and city and Madhya Pradesh is getting?

Even Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Sigh Chauhan was waiting for the announcement, and he announced his disappointment on Twitter.


Obviously, it was a huge embarrassment for the MIA website, and they were forced to publish an apology on behalf of their CEO. Visitors to the website were greeted with this full-page banner message.

The Apology

This had led to widespread speculation about why Jabalpur is not getting a mobile factory. Did Rahul Gandhi simply forget it? Does he have something against the city? Did someone do a Chatur Ramalingam on him and changed his speech? Was there a glitch in the matrix? Nobody could tell, not even the MIA.

Just when the entire nation was about to fall into the darkness of depression, suddenly a huge ray of light flashed before everyone. What was it? Another speech by Rahul Gandhi.

People had reacted too early. In the evening, Rahul Gandhi addressed people in Jabalpur during a roadshow, and during that speech he said those golden words. Made in Jabalpur mobile phones.

If you were disappointed with no Made in Jabalpur announcement, take a deep breath, and listen to his speech posted by Congress party’s Twitter handle. And do note the massive round of applause he gets when says those three magic words, at around 2:25 minutes in the video.

Perhaps Rahul Gandhi’s team record everything and they learnt about the massive disappointment in the country, and decided to make a turnaround. Maybe he decided to prove MP Chief Minister wrong. Or maybe like all good performers, he had kept his best for the last. This is also a matter of speculation now.

Anyway, this late announcement has come as a huge relief for the country.

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