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Delhi University cancels Prashant Bhushan’s talk citing unmanageable behaviour of students, Bhushan delivers speech on the road

DU Law Faculty denied permission for speech by Prashant Bhushan after students created ruckus

This is the statement on MK Gandhi for which Kalicharan Maharaj has been arrested by Congress govt in Chhattisgarh: Read details

Kalicharan Maharaj blamed Gandhi for the partition of India and for allowing the mass slaughter of Hindus on Direct Action Day.

UPA did only scams in the name of infrastructure, now we are working at double speed on connectivity mahayagya: PM Modi in Dehradun

PM Modi said that UPA govt wasted 10 years as it didn't work on infrastructure development and only did scams and corruption

‘Woman with big breasts available in Paradise’, ‘Hoors do not urinate or defecate’: Kerala Maulana’s X-rated vision of paradise stirs controversy

Maulana EP Abubakar Qasmi has triggered controversy in Kerala after he recounted the advantages of being a Muslim.

Chhattisgarh: Congress leader assaulted on stage by other leaders for saying that CM Bhupesh Baghel should vacate the post for TS Singh Deo

Chhattisgarh Congress leader Pawan Agarwal pushed and his speech stopped for saying that CM Bhupesh Baghel should resign

Dharma, Hindu Temples, Ayurveda, population control, and social unity: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s speech on Vijayadashami

Mohan Bhagwat reiterated that the Hindu society must become united, strong, vigilant and active in a way that they neither threaten anyone's existence nor fear others.

‘Some countries using terrorism and fragile situation in Afghanistan as political tool’: PM Modi at UN General Assembly

A country with a regressive thinking is using terrorism as a political tool, PM Modi said without naming Pakistan in his speech in UNGA

Islamic Radicalisation and extremism main challenges to peace and security: Here is what PM Modi said at SCO summit

PM Modi said that SCO should develop a template to fight radicalisation and extremism based on foundation of moderate and progressive cultures

Independence Day: Here is how the schemes and initiatives of the Modi government have benefitted Indians

During his independence day speech, PM Modi highlighted the schemes and initiatives of the govt to improve the lives of the masses

US President Joe Biden casually drops the N-word during Munich Security Conference, accused of racism on social media

The N-word is considered as one of the hateful words that were first uttered in the 17th century. Its origin can be traced back to the Spanish word 'negro', which is often used by white supremacists to deliberately offend the African-American community.

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