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We aim to fight for the truth, for the ideology we believe in, and for that we need your help

“People like to say that conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies”. 

We at have since our inception tried to bring to our reader’s news and views that matter. We have attempted to run this platform with integrity, grit, honour, honesty, and most importantly…passion. In our journalism, we have tried to be the voice of the ones that the mainstream media conveniently forgot even though they call themselves the voice of the masses. We have, several times, caught the media and the politicians in lies and told you what the truth was.

We admit, proudly, that we have an ideological leaning towards the ‘Right’. We do so because we rather be honest with your readers. We declare our standpoint upfront because we believe that the reader must have all the information before they are presented with the views that are published by the website. It is only ethical to inform the reader where our heart lies. It is, in our mind, upholding the reader’s right to know.

We firmly believe that the O’ Sullivan’s Law had it right. A portal that is not explicitly ‘right’, will over time, become ‘left’. We just choose to not hide behind the veil of neutrality and mislead our readers. We respect them too much to underestimate their intelligence.

We are but a small institution that is trying to mount a challenge to the establishment and the narrative it wants the people to consume. The establishment that often wants citizens to stay in the dark, because it is that darkness, from the depths of which they draw their power. The power to mislead the citizenry into believing what is convenient to them. The power to use the pen to confuse, not convince. Where often, the pen is used to amplify the mundane in order to blur the important. 

We aim to tell you what the mainstream media might not want to. We aim to be your voice. We aim to stay true to the truth, which we think finds root in our shared ideology.

While at the heart of every great institution lies indomitable spirit and passion, we have also come to realise that passion alone cannot sustain a time consuming, arduous endeavour. 

We need you, dear readers. We need you to enable us to pursue the truth and we need you to ensure that we continue to defend and uphold your right to know the truth. 

Principally, we do not believe in putting our content behind a paywall. Your readership and the appreciation or the criticism that comes along with it is our oxygen and we would never curtail access in any manner. 

However, if you like to read us and want us to sustain, we urge you to decide the worth of the information we provide and pay for our services and our content, voluntarily. 

Even a small amount that you decide to pay will add to our revenues and will help us sustain our operations. 

If you believe in us and if you think our journalism has picked the right side in the battle between ‘truth’ and ‘lies’, please click the banner below. Once on the payment page, enter an amount in the box and click the button to pay:

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Nupur J Sharma
Nupur J Sharma
Editor-in-Chief, OpIndia.

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