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Social media filled with rumours of 7 Independents and 3 MPs from smaller parties supporting NDA: Here is the reality

While it is possible that some more MPs will extend support to NDA, the possibility of all 7 independents supporting NDA is nil

Australian Pro-Palestine pitch invader with LGBTQ flag disrupts ICC Cricket World Cup Final and hugs Virat Kohli in Ahmedabad, arrested immediately

ICC Cricket World Cup final between India and Australia in Ahmedabad was disrupted when a pro-Palestine protestor intruded into the field

Low IQ supporters proudly display their low IQ while attacking OpIndia: Here’s how

Congress supporters like Nikhil Alva and Saket Gokhale today shared a Whatsapp forward by a random person to attack OpIndia

ISIS supporters rejoice at violent riots in America, claiming them to be ‘divine payback for the treatment of Muslims’

Pro-ISIS supporters are expressing their joy over the violent riots across several American cities on the Telegram app, says a report.

Islamists on Twitter come out in support of Tablighi Jamaat, the latest hotspot of coronavirus outbreak in India

Tablighi Jamaat has emerged as a latest hotspot of coronavirus cases after the group organised a large congregation attended by 1500 people from across the country and abroad

1100 academicians, intellectuals and research scholars issue statement supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act

Amidst the violence in the name of dissent against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 1100 academicians have now come up in support of it

How Mr X turned from being a die-hard Modi fan to a thorough Modi hater overnight

Every time PM Modi and his party would do something Mr X would oppose it but will pretend as if he supported the last action.

Will Rahul Gandhi apologise for meeting his vile and abusive supporters?

The proud supporters of Rahul Gandhi have a long history of being vile abusive and defamatory

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