No Rajdeep, there is no reason to thank Imran Khan for the homecoming of Hamid Ansari. Here is why

Ansari's extradition to India is being executed only after the Peshawar High Court set a two-month deadline for Pakistani authorities to deport Ansari to India

The controversial journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, ‘fondly’ named the ‘Michelangelo of journalism’, known for his ‘illustrious’ journalistic career which accommodates various accomplishments ranging from his hypocrisy to his castist mentality, to his blatant lies has once again proved his worth.

This time Rajdeep Sardesai thanked the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan for the release of Hamid Nehal Ansari, an Indian national, lodged in a Pakistani jail for six years on espionage charges.

Ansari’s extradition to India is being executed only after the Peshawar High Court set a two-month deadline for Pakistani authorities to deport Ansari to India after his advocate filed an appeal in court saying the government had yet to take any measures to release Ansari even though his jail term was ending soon.

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In fact, Ansari’s lawyer, Qazi Muhammad Anwar, had also informed the Pakistan court that the Pakistani government had claimed that the process to deport Ansari would take longer as the relevant documents were not ready, showing the lackadaisical attitude of the Pakistan authorities towards the innocent Indians in Pakistan’s captivity.

An engineer and business professional from Mumbai, Ansari had gone to Kabul, Afghanistan, on 4 November 2012, on a tourist visa for a job in aviation. He had entered Pakistan on 12 November using fake identification documents, to meet a woman from Kohat in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who had befriended him online and had been in Pakistan custody ever since.

Moreover, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Pakistan, Dr Mohammed Faisal, while sharing the news of Ansari’s deportation referred to him as “an Indian spy” involved in “anti-state crimes and forging documents”, though it had been proved earlier that Ansari was an innocent civilian who had entered Pakistan from Afghanistan, reportedly to meet a girl he had befriended online.

After the series of incidents unfolded, it is rather appalling that the sermoniser-in-chief, Rajdeep Sardesai was seen hailing the Pakistan Government for their efforts (which actually does not exist), towards the homecoming of Hamid Ansari, while it has been seen that the Pakistan court itself has criticised the Pakistani Government for delaying the entire issue.

However, after being pressurised by the court and castigated for the negligence, the Pakistan Government conveyed to its Indian counterpart that Ansari would be released and sent back to India on Tuesday.

Many alert Twitter users reacted strongly to Sardesai’s bias and reminded him about Pakistan’s bitterness towards India.

Few also reminded Sardesai of the efforts the Indian Government have put in, in the deportation of the Indian national, which the so-called journalist par excellence conveniently forgot or rather chose to forget.

Rajdeep Sardesai, the talented spin-master has been caught many times making such contentious remarks, spreading hate and lies in his sizeable thirty years of journalistic career.

We have earlier acknowledged the phenomenal achievements in the past thirty years of his contestable career. From his recent achievement of ‘stealing’ tweets to his compulsion of lying to his hypocrisy to the castist remarks, Rajdeep Sardesai has time and again proved himself to be a master of quackery.

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