Posters of Rahul Gandhi depicting him as Lord Ram: A sham by a party that questioned the very existence of Lord Ram

On one hand, the Congress leaders leave no stone unturned to snub Hindus and their religion. On the other hand, they try to pacify the damage by portraying their president as Lord Rama and a pious religionist.

Posters of Congress President Rahul Gandhi depicting as Lord Rama have been put up at various places in the capital city of Bihar, Patna. The poster hailed Rahul Gandhi as the living embodiment of Lord Rama while disparaging the naysayers as mere chanters of slogans.

To start with, it is hilarious to see the Congress party, which once questioned the existence of Lord Rama is now champing at the bit of furnishing their Hindu credentials. This attempt to portray Rahul Gandhi as Lord Rama can be termed as a desperate bid by Congress to win back the estranged Hindus they have antagonised by their anti-Hindu policies and unabashed Muslim appeasement.

This is, perhaps, the first imitator of Lord Rama who himself and his Sena (read Congress party) are against the very ideals laid down by Lord Rama himself and his established Dharma. So intense is their hatred for Lord Rama that the drawings of Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama’s chief disciple were branded as communal and unacceptable by the Congress ecosystem. Add to this, Rahul Gandhi’s proclamation that building Ram Temple is a non-issue for his party in the coming elections. What kind of an ungrateful lot would want to showcase their leader as God who ridicules everything, from Lord Rama’s cherished ideals to his Birthplace, and his faithful followers like Lord Hanuman?

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Rahul Gandhi, through his actions and his party’s policies, appears to wear Hinduism on his sleeves only during the election season. As the elections come closer, posters of Rahul Gandhi depicting as a Hindu God are put up to entice Hindu voters, his Temple-runs around election time are organised to give an impression that he is a practising Hindu but as the election season subsides, Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi relapse to their modus operandi of indulging in unabashed minority appeasement and anti-Hindu activities.

It is notable to mention that one of the close aides of Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal, who is also a senior Congress member and also a lawyer, is evidently fighting the Ram Janam Bhoomi case for the Sunni Waqf Board opposing the building of a magnificent Ram Temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya. He has also employed dilatory tactics and asked the apex court to delay the decision in the RJB case till 2019 elections. Sibal, of course, will claim that he is fighting the case in his ‘personal capacity’ but it cannot escape the fact that he is acting in conformity with the Gandhi family. Another eminent Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had earlier claimed that no ‘good Hindu’ would want a Ram Mandir at Babri site.

Congress has a long and decorated history of manifesting anti-Hindu leanings. It was Congress that moved heaven and earth to concoct the “Saffron Terror” narrative by falsely implicating Sadhvi Pragya and even Lt Col Purohit. It was Congress which wanted to pass the Communal Violence Bill which basically ensured that only Hindus would be considered perpetrators and never a Muslim, should there be any communal violence. The bill was formed by people who were associated with various foreign-funded NGOs. It was Rahul Gandhi himself who declared mythical “saffron terror” more dangerous than LeT. It was P Chidambaram and Sushil Kumar Shinde who called Hindus terrorists with no proof or reason. It was Manmohan Singh who said Muslims have the first right on our country’s resources.

On one hand, the Congress leaders leave no stone unturned to snub Hindus and their religion. On the other hand, they try to pacify the damage by portraying their president as Lord Rama and a pious religionist. Hindus condoning anti-Hindu antics by Congress is like turkeys voting for Christmas. Congress can ill-afford to assume that Hindus can be lulled into silence by claiming their leader to be a cheap imitation of Lord Rama. It will neither beget them the goodwill nor will it translate into votes, it will only evoke irrepressible laughter.

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