Home News Reports As Rahul Gandhi wishes Modi on World Theatre Day, his own video of ‘acting’ to help a journalist surfaces

As Rahul Gandhi wishes Modi on World Theatre Day, his own video of ‘acting’ to help a journalist surfaces

The journalist asks Rahul Gandhi to repeat the act of wiping his forehead to video record the same for TV

On a day when Rahul Gandhi wished Narendra Modi for World Theatre Day, implying that whatever the PM does is drama, a video has emerged which show excellent acting skills of the Congress president himself.

Today several media houses reported that Rahul Gandhi helped an injured journalist by taking him to hospital. According to reports, Rajasthan based journalist Rajender Vyas had met with an accident when a motorcycle hit him on Humayun Road in Delhi. At that time, Rahul Gandhi’s cavalcade was passing through that place. When Rahul Gandhi spotted the injured journalist, he stopped his car, got him seated with him and took him to AIIMS.

The report was accompanied by a video which shows Rahul Gandhi helping Vyas inside the car. The video shows Rahul Gandhi wiping sweat from forehead of the journalist, which show no visible sign of any injury. Rajender Vyas thinks for a moment while looking at the camera, and after that asks Rahul Gandhi to repeat the act, saying he will send the footage to his TV channel. The journalist says, ‘I am a journalist, I will make use of this, I will send it to my TV channel’. Listening to this, Rahul Gandhi laughs and obliges by repeating the act of wiping the forehead of Vyas for the camera. Rahul Gandhi also asks the journalist to turn his head so the action is properly captured by the camera which is being held by someone sitting on the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

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The video was originally posted by Congress workers on Twitter to show the empathy of Rahul Gandhi, how he took an injured journalist to the hospital in his vehicle, which was picked up by media houses. But they seem to have missed the fact that Rahul Gandhi and Rajender Vyas were acting it for cameras so that the footage can be shown on TV, which is evident in the video itself.

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