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Pakistan will die its own death, we will march forward: PM Modi at ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ mega event

In a mega event organised in the capital of the country, New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with lakhs of chowkidars across the country.

In a mega event organised in the capital of the country, New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with lakhs of chowkidars across the country. The PM held a virtual video conference which was digitally broadcasted to at least 500 places in the country and took questions from vibrant professionals and youngsters pledging their support for #MainBHiChowkidar campaign from different parts of the country.

PM Modi spoke on a plethora of topics- Mission Shakti, Congress lies, Pakistan, Balakot airstrikes and on other topics he was asked questions on.

Starting with the event, PM Modi expressed his gratitude to the people of the country for appointing a Chowkidar like him to New Delhi for protecting their interests. When asked what keeps him going, PM Modi replied that it was the love and affection of 130 crore Indians and a sense of responsibility towards them that keeps him motivated in his endeavour.

Taking a jibe at Congress, PM said it was his constant effort while being country’s Chowkidar that he safeguards public money and not let ‘Panja’ lay hands on it. PM Modi also added that Chowkidar is not an arrangement, nor it has any uniform to identify it, in fact, it is a spirit and an emotion embodied by millions of Indians who want to protect their country from different evils in the society.

On being asked what will be his resolution while taking an oath as PM of the country this year and his expectations from the young Chowkidars in the country, PM Modi replied that serving the people, enabling them to achieve their dreams will be his resolution. Modi also asserted that he expects citizens to strike a balance between exercising their rights and performing their duties and that everyone should be honest and sincere in fulfilling his/her responsibilities. “Everyone has dreams and they should have it. But they should keep the country at top priority,” PM Modi said.

When asked about what drove him to permit an operation like Balakot and if he had thought about his political future, had the operation gone south, PM Modi said he was not to be credited but instead the credit should go to the Armed forces for carrying out such an audacious operation. He also said that he is not one of those politicians who thinks about an individual’s future prospects before the nation’s security. “There have been many Prime Ministers before me who thought about their future before taking decisions, for me, the priority is country and not my political future,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi also asserted that it was the trust in the discipline of our Armed Forces, and the firm belief in their valour that allowed him to grant the Armed Forces full freedom to carry out any operation that they deemed appropriate. “Pakistan thought Modi will be busy in elections, he will not retaliate. For me my country is the priority, not elections,” he said. “Pakistan will die its own death, we will march forward,” Modi exclaimed.

In an apparent swipe at P Chidambaram, who recently criticised Modi for publicising DRDO’s Mission Shakti, PM Modi said that some “over smart” people lack ‘common sense’ and they do not realise the fact that Space is constantly being watched over by many countries and it wouldn’t have remained a secret that India had now entered a coveted list of countries possessing anti-satellite capability. Modi further slammed Chidambaram on the claim that the anti-satellite capability was achieved in 2012, saying that though the capability was there since 2012, it has to be tested to gain recognition. ” Some times it’s important to tell the world that you have developed a technology,” PM Modi said. Modi lauded DRDO scientists for developing and successfully testing the momentous technology.

Answering about the question related to tackling lies spread by Congress, Modi made a blistering attack on the party claiming that the lies spread by Congress are seasonal and spread as per their convenience. “They create lies and then leave it in the field for their ecosystem to pick it up,” he said. In an indirect reference to Rahul Gandhi, Modi contended that it is because of these numerous lies that they often quote wrong numbers every time. “Lies need to be remembered, Truth doesn’t need to be memorised. That’s why they quote different numbers on every occasion,” Modi said.

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