Sunday, December 5, 2021


P Chidambaram

Defection of Goa Congress MLAs to BJP in 2019 is similar to Judas’ betrayal of Christ, claims P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram said Congress had forgiven those who betrayed the party, but their betrayal would never be forgotten

As Congress lectures on how to boost performance of athletes, here is what happened when they organised the 2010 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games were conducted in Delhi under the auspices of the UPA Government and there were allegations of corruption.

While the country celebrates Olympics medals, P Chidambaram uses it to target Modi govt, says infrastructure funds should be diverted to sports

P Chidambaram said that money allocated to Central Vista, Bullet Train and other ‘vanity projects’ should be diverted to sports

Why so-called ‘fact-checkers’ are a greater evil than random misinformation that they claim to fight

In his speech, the PM also took veiled jibes at a few CMs as well as loudmouthed opposition politicians with no skin in the game.

Chidambaram spreads lies over vaccine procurement, when caught, says ‘I was wrong, I stand corrected’

P Chidambaram had to eat his own words as he was provided with the proofs he demanded over chief ministers of states as well as his own party leader Rahul Gandhi demanding freedom to procure vaccines on their own.

Netizens trend #ArrestPChidambaram after he asks for a ‘revolt’ against Modi govt

In a tweet, P Chidambaram said, "People must revolt against a government that is assuming all the people of India are fools."

Delhi-NYC flights charging Rs 7.2 lakhs for an economy ticket? Chidambaram’s misleading claim

“A Delhi-New York economy class, one-way ticket costs 7.2 lakh”, wrote Chidambaram on Twitter.

Congress leader Chidambaram wants state governments to unionise to haggle over vaccine costs: Here is why that is a bizarre idea

P. Chidambaram has managed to come up with another spectacularly braindead idea that does not make any sense.

Congress leader Chidambaram forgets Direct Action Day riots, blames BJP for communalising Bengal after allying with Islamist Siddiqui

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has blamed the BJP for 'communalising' West Bengal in a series of tweets on Saturday.

INX Media scam: Chidambaram was involved in money laundering, directed firms to help Karti’s business interests, says ED charge-sheet

A special court also took cognisance of the charge-sheet on Wednesday. The court has asked Chidambaram and his son to be present in court on April 7 when charges will be framed.

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