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Left-Liberals have no right to shed tears on Gadchiroli massacre when they shamelessly provide Naxals with intellectual cover

The sole purpose of these intellectuals is to humanize the terrorists and deflect criticism of the actual ideology that motivates these individuals to commit the atrocities they do.

In a despicable instance of Left-Wing terrorism, 16 security personnel lost their lives after an IED blast at Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. The landmine blast blew up two vehicles carrying a team of the C-60 commandos, an anti-Naxal unit, who were patrolling the area.

Over the years, Left-Wing terrorism has claimed the lives of thousands and thousands of our soldiers and civilians. And despite the inhumanity, they have regularly exhibited in their conduct, their terrorism is still portrayed as a righteous struggle in many quarters.

One of the primary reasons why Naxalism survives to this day is because the Indian State has been waging the war with one arm tied behind their back. The Intelligentsia has regularly and often chastised the Indian State whenever it has tried to crush the Naxal forces. Under the UPA regime, such people exerted disproportionate influence in policy.

For any brand of terrorism to be really successful, it is essential that the movement has sympathizers out of it whose primary objective is to humanize the adherents of the core ideology that inspires terrorists and prevent the implementation of any measure that has the potential to curb these terrorist activities.

We see this particular phenomenon with Islamic terrorism all the time. A certain section of the Intelligentsia is always quick to condemn any violent acts of terrorism, however, they prevent any legitimate discussion on the actual issues that inspire the terrorists to commit massacred. Simultaneously, the terrorists are projected as some ‘misguided youth’ who turned towards terrorism because of some crime committed by the victim community. It could be ‘Islamophobia’, ‘racism’ or simply saying that Sharia has no place in modern society or something more innocent like a joke. But the real problem, you see, according to the intelligentsia is anything but the core beliefs of the terrorists’ ideology.

A very similar phenomenon is observed with Left-Wing Terrorism as well. We have a bunch of ‘intellectuals’ who will be very quick to condemn whenever Naxalites slaughter innocents. However, the rest of the time, they will be busy portray Naxals as some sort of Robinhood who are fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised.

Kanhaiya Kumar is, perhaps, the perfect example of this brand of intellectualism. He was quick to offer his condolences and condemn the terror attack that claimed the lives of 16 of our soldiers.

The Communist candidate from Begusarai is the same individual who believes that Naxals should be awarded the status of a martyr.

Kanhaiya Kumar is the quintessential activist who encapsulates all that human rights activism stands for. That he has the backing of the entire Intelligentsia and is being projected as a great intellectual himself without having any great achievement to his credit is perhaps the greatest tragedy for our nation.

Last year, Gadchiroli was the site of one of the most successful anti-Naxal operation in Indian history. As it turns out, human rights organizations called it a state-sponsored mass slaughter. One particular intellectual, who is currently under arrest in connection with the violence at Bhima Koregaon and an alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister, attended the funeral of a slain Naxal Terrorist. Another of those arrested, Arun Ferreira attended high-level Naxal Meetings and was a member of the CPI (Maoists) as revealed to OpIndia.com by surrendered Naxal Pahad Singh himself.

According to Singh, these ‘jobless intellectuals’ are as dangerous as the footsoldiers on the ground as these were the people who often brainwash Adivasis into picking the gun. And these are people who are widely respected in the intellectual fraternity. The crackdown on these terrorist sympathizers last year, we were told, was fascism.

The sole purpose of these intellectuals is to humanize the terrorists and deflect criticism of the actual ideology that motivates these individuals to commit the atrocities they do. In doing so, they cripple the ability of the Indian State to deal effectively with these terrorist networks. These intellectuals would rather blame the Indian State, which has been more than lenient with these subversive elements, than the actual morbid ideology of the terrorists. Today, they are condemning the attack but tomorrow, they will be back again whitewashing the crimes of the Naxalites.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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