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Watch: Twitter employee mocks Elon Musk for having Asperger’s syndrome, calls him ‘special needs’ and ‘loony tunes’

Twitter employee mocked Elon Musk for having Asperger's syndrome, calls him 'loony tune'.

Netflix tells its ‘woke’ staff to tolerate diverse views or quit if they find content on the streaming platform ‘provocative’

Netflix says no to content censorship, tells its woke staff to tolerate or leave the company if they disagree with titiles streamed

Bhima Koregaon violence: Maharashtra police drops Hindu activist Sambhaji Bhide’s name as there is no evidence against him

Hindutva activist Sambhaji Bhide, the founder of Shiv Pratishthan Hindustan, has been discharged from the Bhima Koregaon case

Roe v Wade, US Supreme Court’s ‘leaked’ draft, abortion rights in the country: All you need to know about the 1973 case and why...

The draft overturning abortion rights has been written by Conservative appointed Justice Samuel Alito and supported by four others with three liberal defendants.

Abhisar Sharma prematurely celebrates Blinken’s statement on human rights in India, then goes on an unhinged rant after Jaishankar’s response

Abhisar Sharma claimed that the two Indian ministers did not react to Blinken's remarks there by validating US claims. However, Sharma's claims were premature as Dr Jaishankar soon gave a 'befitting reply'.

Leftist students pelt stones at Ram Navmi Pujan in JNU, blame ABVP for creating a ruckus in a mess over non-veg food

ABVP has stated that the Leftist students disrupted the Hawan and Puja organised for Ram Navami at Kaveri hostel.

‘175 terrorists arrested in a year, stone-pelting incidents almost nil in Jammu Kashmir’: CRPF DG

CRPF chief has confirmed that since the repeal of Article 370 in 2019, stone pelting incidents in the valley have been 'almost nil'.

The Left’s refusal to condemn Siddharth and Kanhaiya Kumar for their innuendos reveals their hollow commitment to feminism

Even as the Left fashions itself as the champion of "feminism", their silence on innuendos by Siddharth and Kanhaiya Kumar betrays their hypocrisy

What the “right-wing” and the “left-wing” has meant traditionally and how BJP is transcending binaries with its governance model

It is time to discard the tag of Right wing and simply go for that which is right for the country - exactly what the Modi govt is doing

RSS-supported group wins DUTA polls after 24 years, new president outlines some of the key areas that DUTA will focus on

After 24 years, NDTF president AK Bhagi defeated the Left-aligned DTF candidate Abha Dev Habib, by over 1,000 votes for the president’s post of DUTA.

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