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Shekhar Kapur says ‘intellectuals’ still make him feel like a refugee, Javed Akhtar takes it as a personal offence

As Shekhar Kapur continued to ignore Javed Akhtar, the latter dropped in a barrage of tweets to nullify Shekhar Kapur's views on intellectuals.

Javed Akhtar has moved on from writing lyrics and poetry to abusing those who not agree with him ideologically on social media. To make a merry out of his blissful Sunday, ‘intellectual’ Javed Akhtar attempted to pick up a fight against legendary filmmaker Shekhar Kapur after the latter expressed an opinion on the so-called ‘intellectuals’ of the country.

Shekhar Kapur, one of the foremost filmmakers of the country, in a tweet shared his own life experiences with the so-called ‘intellectuals’ of the country. Recalling his past, Shekhar Kapur mentioned about his life as a refugee after partition and how his parents sacrificed everything to make a life for them.

While expressing his viewpoint, Shekhar Kapur made a reference to ‘intellectuals’ of the country, who often make noise to disrupt the prevailing peace in the society. Kapur cited his interactions with these intellectuals, who looked upon to him as an ‘insignificant’ and only embraced him once his works began to be celebrated. He added that he still fears about ‘intellectuals’ while opining that their embrace is like a bite of a snake. He added that he was still a refugee.

Through his tweets, Shekhar Kapur was indicating at the reality of some of these ‘intellectuals’ and ‘celebrities’ present among us. Perhaps, Kapur was also subtly expressing his thoughts on the recent letter fiasco involving some of the ‘intellectuals’ and ‘celebrities’.

However, while Kapur hadn’t named anyone in his tweet, Akhtar who often considers himself to be an ‘intellectual’ despite there are serious doubts regarding his integrity and intellect, took it upon himself to respond on behalf of the ‘intellectuals’.

The triggered Javed Akhtar somehow wanted to make a point to counter Shekhar Kapur. “Who are these intellectuals who embraced you and you found that embrace like a snake’s bite?” a visibly upset Akhtar questioned Shekhar Kapur. Akhtar even cited few names of intellectuals like Shyam Benegal, Adoor Gopal Krishna, Ram Chandra Guha to cross-check whether Kapur was directing his tweets to anyone of his comrades.

Then began the quintessential Javed Akhtar abuse, as he declared that Shekhar Kapur was not well and he needed help. Javed Akhtar also mocked Kapur by saying that there was no shame in meeting a good psychiatrist insinuating that Shekhar Kapur had mental health issues. The ‘intellectuals’ are usually at the forefront of advocating mental health and are against trivialising mental health issues.

However, it did not stop there. As Shekhar Kapur ignored Akhtar’s blabbering, the latter seems to have experienced a high adrenaline rush resulting in sweating, heightened senses and rapid breathing. Continuing his abusive behaviour, Akhtar questioned Kapur’s choice of words and went on to refer to him as ‘poor rich but lonely guy’.

As Shekhar Kapur continued to ignore Javed Akhtar, the latter dropped in a barrage of tweets to nullify Shekhar Kapur’s views on intellectuals.

Javed Akhtar, one of the active members of the “liberal-secular” intellectual industry, often feels a sense of entitlement and control over the intellectual thought of this country. If a common man or anybody other than the cabal ever dare to question the existing intellectual feudalism, they are either mocked or abused to discredit their position.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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