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‘Go way, people like you maligned us’: JNU goons stop Dr Anand Ranganathan from entering his lab, hurl insults at the scientist

Today 113 Professors had disassociated themselves from JNU Teachers’ Association over their complicity and silence when teachers are attacked by miscreants and JNU goons

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The JNU goons have been creating a ruckus over the marginal hostel fee hike in the University. After resorting to endless vandalism and hooliganism, clashing with the police, heckling reporters and attacking teachers the JNU goons, most of them associated with the left-wing brigade, today crossed all levels of indecency when they stopped scientist Dr Anand Ranganathan from entering his laboratory.

In a video, the students can be seen blocking the main door to the laboratory. When the scientist and columnist intervenes and asks the students to move out of his way and let him enter the lab, the students shout back at him telling him to go away.


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Ranganathan is heard raising concerns asking whether they are aspiring scientists or do they belong to any political outfit. “Do you understand what science is…where do you learn all these things from”, the stunned professor is heard asking the students furthering that science does not mean disallowing people from doing their job.

Angered by the impertinence shown by the students he asks them to go away elsewhere and continue with their protest. He asks the guard to open the gates, but the security also stands helplessly trying to gently convince the students. A girl student is then heard telling the guard that the security cannot interfere and asks him to back off. “Aap kyon itna logic samjha rahe hain…aap log yahan kya karte hain humen pata hain”, (why are you giving us such logics.. we exactly know what you guys do here) said the student to the guard who makes a hopeless attempt to knock some sense into the protesting students.

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Professor Ranganathan then asks a student as to whether they receive scholarships. The student (who is prompted by another student to not disclose) answers that they receive Rs 35,000 as scholarship. The moment Ranganathan mentions that even after receiving a scholarship worth that amount, you’ll are protesting for a marginal fee hike, the students are seen jeering in unison: “yehi toh wrong hain…you go away…people like you have maligned us…dus se teen so rupaiye ki baat kar rahein hain…go get lost…call the police.. you are most welcome to call the police..” yelled the enraged JNU goons.

Ranganathan calls the students ‘irrational’, illogical’ for their foolhardy behaviour and says he does not expect such behaviour from science students, but the students refuse to budge and continue to lament over the situation.

“Aap thoda science ki padhaai karke aaiye.. mujhe lagta hain kami ho gayi hain…” (you pls go and brush up your subject.. you have forgotten it seems), said one of the students.

A girl student is seen arguing with the professor that if scientist and professor like you are using the logic of Rs 10 to Rs 300 (taking about the fee hike) then we can understand where all this is coming from..” When Ranganathan asks the students whether they are not embarrassed by their conduct.. all are seen shouting in agreement..” No..No.. this is what the Vice-Chancellor has taught us this for the last four years.

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Ranganathan is heard telling the girl student, who is heard arguing with the professor endlessly, that “you go and protest in front of the vice-chancellor”. To this, the girl replies arrogantly that this is what they have been doing for the past 26 days.

Ranganathan reveals that Rs 6.95 lacs in the subsidy given to every JNU student.. to this the students again shout in unison..” kitna salary milta hain? (what is the salary you are drawing?)

Dr Anand Ranganathan then points at the security guard and a JNU university authority present there to intervene and do the convincing, but the two are seen standing helpless like mute spectators, not uttering a single word against the students.

The professor is seen trying his best to convince the students to make way for him to get to his lab but the students refuse to let him go instead ask him to support them in their protest.

Dr Anand Ranganathan is heard saying that he supports their right to protest and will sit with the JNU students is they so wish him to, but he should not be stopped from doing his work. After hearing the students patiently for over a minute, Ranganathan asks them to at least unlock the lab, promising them that he would not enter, but the students refrain from listening to the professor. Even after the professor’s persistent efforts, he was not allowed to go into his lab.

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It is pertinent to note here that the JNU students had earlier kept a faculty member named Dr Vandana Mishra, who is the Associate Dean of the university in illegal captivity, abused and attacked the Dean for 30 hours. Prior to this, the JNU goons had forcibly stopped the ambulance in which the Dean was being taken for medical care even though the Dean’s health was deteriorating alarmingly.

Today 113 Professors had disassociated themselves from JNU Teachers’ Association over their complicity and silence when teachers are attacked by miscreants and JNU goons.

One Professor Aswini Mohapatra took to Twitter to say that the 113 teachers believe that JNUTA is the root cause of the current deadlock. Controlled by the Left-wing coterie, it has turned JNU into a hotbed of Azadi brigade.

The “students” of JNU have been protesting against the marginal hostel fee hike in JNU. Even after the partial rollback, the students were not satisfied and called the roll-back only ‘cosmetic‘. The students have clashed with the police and even heckled reporters in their ongoing protests. The JNU campus was mercilessly defaced by these goons.

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