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Watch: Anupam Kher gives a befitting reply to a troll, who unfortunately was Naseeruddin Shah

Speaking at an interview with The Wire, Naseeruddin Shah called actor Anupam Kher "a clown and a sycophant" when asked about his views on Anupam Kher.

Veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher today took to Twitter to shut down a troll, who incidentally was senior actor Naseeruddin Shah with his befitting reply.

Anupam Kher shared a 1.28-minute video message for actor Naseeruddin Shah which he captioned as follows: “My love message for Naseeruddin Shah Saab !!! He is older than me even in age and in experience. I have always respected his art and will keep doing it. But sometimes it would be very important to answer a few things bluntly. This is my answer.

In his video, Kher takes a dig at Shah for calling him a ‘clown’ and ‘sycophant’ during an interview with The Wire. He said that though he respects him for his age and seniority, he has never taken him seriously. “Though I have never criticised you, today I want to reveal that you have led your entire life in frustration”, said Anupam Kher reminding his ‘A Wednesday’ co-star of his penchant to dress down his fellow co-actors. He said that if you can criticise senior actors like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Shahrukh Khan, superior players like Virat Kohli, then I’m sure I am in great company.

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He went on to remind Shah that he was not even taken seriously by any of these people then and nor is he being taken seriously now by him. Taking a subtle dig at the actor, Kher said that we all know that the intoxicating substances you have been consuming all this while have taken away your capacity to decipher between what’s right and what’s wrong.

He furthered: “If talking about me gives you the chance to make it to the headlines for a day or two, I am happy to give you this opportunity, may God keep you happy, your well-wisher Anupam”.

Anupam Kher concluded by responding to the “it is in his blood” insinuation made by Naseeruddin Shah. He said: ..and by the way do you know what I have in my blood… Hindustan (India).. just understand this much..”, said Anupam Kher.

Speaking at an interview with leftist propaganda website The Wire, Naseeruddin Shah called actor Anupam Kher “a clown and a sycophant” when he was asked about his views on Anupam Kher. Kher, whose wife actress Kirron Kher is a BJP MP, has been quite vocal about his support for the Narendra Modi government.

Naseeruddin on being asked about Anupam Kher on his pro-government stand had said, “Someone like Anupam Kher has been very vocal. I don’t think he needs to be taken seriously. He’s a clown. Any number of his contemporaries from NFD and FTII can attest to his sycophantic nature. It’s in his blood, he can’t help it.”

Earlier in November, Naseeruddin was among the 100 prominent Muslim citizens from across the country who opposed the decision and filed a review petition challenging the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict, expressing the grief of Muslims but keeping the dispute alive will harm the community. He also made a controversial remark on how he feels unsafe in India due to rising communal temperament. “I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if a mob surrounds them and asks, ‘Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?’ they will have no answer”, Naseer had said.

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