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Naseeruddin Shah

Actor Naseeruddin Shah’s brother Zameer Uddin Shah attacked by Islamists for suggesting dialogue between Hindus and Muslims for peace

Ex-army man Zameer Uddin Shah has come under attack of Islamists for suggesting a dialogue between Hindus and Muslims

Albert Pinto Ko Darr Kyun Lagta Hai – Decoding the latest rants by Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah's Mughal love shows how 'liberals' are most tribalistic and insecure people in the world

Rajdeep Sardesai blames ‘Hindutva forces’ for Indian Muslims cheering for Taliban, how the ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ narrative is being played up

Ever since the Islamist group toppled the Afghanistan government, a certain section of Indian Muslims have been rooting for them and referring to them as some sort of saviours from the 'oppressive' American forces.

Taliban Defense League gets a new cheerleader – Rajdeep Sardesai. Here is what he said

Rajdeep Sardesai was interacting with Bollywood entertainer Naseeruddin Shah who had recently released a video cautioning Indian Muslims against cheering for Taliban after the Islamist group took over Afghanistan.

Five senseless things Tavleen Singh said while ‘defending’ Naseeruddin Shah

Tavleen Singh on Sunday took it upon herself to 'defend' Naseeruddin Shah and the Islamists who cancelled him while accusing 'Hindutva trolls' of abusing him.

‘Liberals’ can live only as slaves of Islamists, or they will be ‘cancelled’: Naseeruddin Shah is an example

In the case of Indian 'liberals', all their intellect, their thought process, and talks of progressive ideologies lie firmly at the feet of Islamist radicals.

Indian Muslims attack veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah for advising them to be peaceful, non-violent and not to support Taliban

The timely video of Naseeruddin Shah advising the fellow Muslims against cosying up to the radical Islamists outfits such as the Taliban has created an outrage in the Muslim community.

Kangana hits out at Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘half-educated starlet’ comment, asks him whether he can utter same words for a star-kid

Kangana Ranaut has been one of the most vocal artists to speak against the allegedly prevalent nepotism and mafia culture in Bollywood.

‘Snatch away your rights’: Actor Naseeruddin Shah instigates Muslim women protesting against CAA at Bilalbagh in Bengaluru

Naseeruddin Shah has never shied away from exhibiting his left-liberal tendencies

Daughter of Naseeruddin Shah, Heeba Shah, assaults two veterinary clinic staff members in Mumbai: Read why

Heeba Shah, daughter of Naseeruddin Shah, assaulted two vet staff members for being asked to wait for 5 minutes

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