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Naseeruddin Shah

‘It hurts when films with regressive messaging make 100s of crores’: Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Kiran Rao goes on a similar rant as Naseeruddin Shah

After actor Naseeruddin Shah bemoaned the overwhelming response to Hindu-centric films such as 'The Kashmir Files' and 'The Kerala Story,' Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's ex-wife Kiran Rao went on a similar rant

Disturbing, dangerous trend: Naseeruddin Shah laments box office success of ‘The Kashmir Files’, and ‘The Kerala Story’

Naseeruddin Shah also blamed the audience for not supporting the films made by like-minded directors such as Sudhir Mishra, Anubhav Sinha, and Hansal Mehta.

Naseeruddin Shah whines about dull performance of movies made by liberal filmmakers, rants against The Kerala Story with a bizarre comment about Nazi Germany

Naseeruddin Shah trashes The Kerala Story and compares it to Adolf Hitler's time when filmmakers were co-opted.

Naseeruddin Shah highlights ‘misinformation’ about Akbar in history books, says Akbar never used ‘Din-e-Elahi’ term, never wanted to start new religion

Naseeruddin Shah showered praises for the Mughal king and said that he was soft-hearted, vulnerable man and he was also very passionate, sexually driven, ferocious, merciless warrior. "He must have been a great lover. I played him, to find the human being within this grandeur,” he said.

‘What if stones are hurled at us?’ Ratna Pathak scared over Naseeruddin Shah’s outspokenness, months after Islamist violence over Nupur Sharma controversy

Actor Ratna Pathak recently confessed that she holds back her husband Naseeruddin Shah from speaking his mind out.

Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Naseeruddin Shah are sleeper cell members of Tukde-Tukde Gang: MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra

Narottam Mishra accused Shabana Azmi of keeping silent on incidents that occurred in Congress-ruled states.

Punishing a ‘collective art’ like a movie for one artist’s politics – why this seemingly unfair practice gets support

We all live with the choices we make and hence so should the artists, with displaced sense of entitlement and importance that they are 'prominent citizens' singlehandedly responsible to uphold the value of democracy by playing their religion card while offending other religions.

Actress Ratna Pathak Shah claims India is becoming like ‘Saudi Arabia’, says it is ‘appalling’ that modern women are doing Karwa Chauth

Actress Ratna Pathak Shah targeted Hindu community to claim that India is becoming a conservative society and lamented that modern women are following practices like Karwa Chauth.

Naseeruddin Shah said threats against Nupur Sharma are “hollow threats” by empty vessels, Udaipur beheading proves they are anything but that

The attempt by Naseeruddin Shah to downplay the threat by Islamists failed miserably as a couple of Islamists brutally beheaded a tailor in Udaipur

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