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Muslim rioters kept a dead body in their house for 24 hours, sent to autopsy only after compensation was announced: Delhi Riots ground report

How could those who conspired against Hindus and made elaborate plans and schemes to instigate riots, be treated as victims of those very riots?

A carefully crafted strategy is in force in Delhi. Muslim women are made to sit on dharna in the name of CAA protest so as to project the community as law-abiding and peaceful. However, behind the veneer of dutiful and peaceful protests, a nefarious intrigue is underway which has managed to escape the beady eyes of Delhi Police. As a result, many unsuspecting Hindus fell victim to Muslim treachery.

While a concerted attempt is being made by many in the media to whitewash the crimes committed against Hindus and portray the aggressors as victims, it is important to look at the origins of the riots. In most cases, Muslim strongmen or regional MLAs have spearheaded the pogrom against Hindus by enabling the enraged Muslim mob and providing them with the wherewithal to indulge in the act of savagery against Hindus.

However, while the Muslims have been instigators in many riots across the North-East Delhi, they have been shrewd enough to cast themselves as victims to receive government compensation. There were many instances where the rioters have weaved stories of their innocence and victimhood and held back the bodies of the deceased for more than 24 hours to prove the person a victim of riots and claim compensation of Rs 10 lakh from the Kejriwal government.

One such story is that of Delhi’s riot-affected area of ​​Jaffrabad. On Monday, the seventh day of violence that started from Chand Bagh in the name of CAA protest, OpIndia team reached the house of the deceased Rahul Thakur. We were seeking information about the incident when the person living in the neighbourhood who came to console the family of the deceased Rahul Thakur claimed, “The violence had erupted in Chand Bagh and Karawal Nagar area since Monday morning. Thousands of Muslims gathered in the mosque in Mustafabad area for the afternoon prayers, which was also attended by the regional MLA Haji Yunus. After the prayers are over, the MLA takes his car and leaves the mosque. But soon thereafter, a crowd of thousands emerging from the mosque robbed the acid factory and liquor shops and armed with rods, sticks, guns etc. marched forward to attack the Hindus.”

The eyewitness further goes on to say, “A fellow Muslim rioter died in the attack led by thousands of Muslims. However, the rioters instead of taking him to the hospital took him to his home. The body of the deceased rioter remained in his house for about 24 hours until the Kejriwal government announced compensation for those killed. As soon as recompense was announced, an ambulance was called and his body was sent to the hospital for post-mortem. The body is buried after the autopsy was completed.”

The most logical question now arises is how could those who conspired against Hindus and made elaborate plans and schemes to instigate riots, be treated as victims of those very riots? It is also notable to mention that while a mosque in Brijpuri area stands pristine and untouched, the Shiva temple in the area was not only attacked but also vandalised by the rioters. Several such stories highlighting the dichotomy have now come out to the fore, reinforcing the belief that Hindus were indeed the subject of the Muslim mob’s target. This proves it beyond doubt that this ‘war’ was never waged against the CAA, but against the Hindus.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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