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Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots Ground Report

One school was used to launch petrol bombs using a grand catapult, another was ruined: The state of two schools two years after Delhi...

Two schools in northeast Delhi had become the centers of discussions during the Delhi riots in 2020

‘We have to live amongst the Muslims, cannot speak against them’: Two years on, Delhi anti-Hindu riots have left an unsettling silence

It's been 2 years since anti-Hindu riots shook Delhi, Delhi but the pain of losing their loved ones still haunts kins of victims

Two years since Delhi anti-Hindu riots: The family of Naresh Saini, who was killed by a Muslim mob, still struggling to survive

Naresh Saini, a vegetable seller, was one of the victims of the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. He was shot to death by a Muslim mob.

Two years on, the atmosphere has changed but people of Delhi anti-Hindu riots victim Vinod Kumar’s locality still live in constant fear

A victim of the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, Vinod Kumar, was brutally beaten to death in front of his son Nitin Kumar alias Monu on the ghastly night of 24 February 2020.

‘Aim was to create fear in minds of the Hindus’, Delhi Court frames charges against Shahnawaz, Shoaib and 8 others in Delhi anti-Hindu riots

Delhi court frames charges against 10 accused in the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, observing that their objective was to create fear among Hindus

Delhi High Court clears the decks for the trial of the accused in the Delhi riots case under the stringent UAPA Act

Delhi High Court vacated its earlier stay order on the trial of the Delhi riot accused under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act

Still living in fear, no compensation yet for our losses: A year on, OpIndia spoke to the owner of a parking lot burnt down...

The owner of the parking lot that was burnt down by rioters in Delhi's Shiv Vihar said that the cars were ransacked a day before the actual violence gripped the national capital

Workers of Khalsa org and Kejriwal govt discriminated against Hindu victims: An eyewitness account after 1 year of Delhi anti-Hindu riots

The eyewitness claimed that the Khalsa organisation predominantly helped the Muslim victims of the Delhi riots

Delhi anti-Hindu riots: Mustaqeem, the killer of Rahul Solanki, confesses to firing shots, weapon seized by police

In June, the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police had filed a charge sheet in the murder of 27-year-old Rahul Solanki, who was killed by a Muslim mob during the Anti-Hindu riots in Shiv Vihar area of Delhi in February.

Anti-Hindu Delhi Riots: One accused Mustaquim Saifi arrested in Rahul Solanki murder case in Shiv Vihar

The Delhi Police Crime Branch has arrested Mustaquim Saifi for killing Rahul Solanki in Shiv Vihar adjoining the Rajdhani school during the anti-Hindu Delhi riots in the national capital. A weapon has also been reportedly recovered from him.

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