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Anti-Hindu Delhi Riots

As court frames charges against Tahir Hussain, here are 10 apologists who supported the ex-AAP councillor in the aftermath of the Delhi riots

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, had defended Tahir Hussain and played the 'religion card' in the hopes of scoring political brownie points.

‘Clearcut objective to kill and harm Hindus’: Delhi court frames charges against Tahir Hussain in Ankit Sharma murder case, Alt News had given him...

The court observed, "Tahir Hussain also played the role of instigator to kill Hindus. and exhorting this mob as to not to spare Hindus."

Delhi Riots 2020: Three years on, family of a man killed by an Islamist mob over a ‘Jai Shri Ram’ sticker on his motorcycle...

Vinod Kumar was brutally beaten to death by a violent Islamist mob after they found a 'Jai Shri Ram' sticker on his motorcycle.

Three years since the 2020 Delhi anti-Hindu riots: February 2020 onwards, OpIndia has got exclusive details from the ground. Here is an overview

OpIndia has painstakingly chronicled the horrors meted out to the Hindus from December 2019 and which finally culminated into the gruesome riots in Delhi in February 2020

After father, mother departed in son’s grief: Dinesh Yadav, who was convicted in the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, could not get to perform her last rites

OpIndia returned to the house of Dinesh Yadav, the first convict in Delhi anti-Hindu riots, to learn how they are coping with the anguish of their son being charged with a crime that he did not commit

Delhi anti-Hindu riots 2020: SC refuses to interfere in Tahir Hussain’s case, upholds trial court order framing money laundering charges against him

"The case is only at the stage of framing of charges. Therefore, we see no reason to interfere with the impugned order. Needless to say that proceedings have to be as per the judgment in Vijay Madanlal," the Court said.

Delhi Riots: Courts convict a Hindu, bail 6 Muslims and acquit 9 based on different interpretations of the same law. Miscarriage of justice?

Delhi Court gave 'benefit of the doubt' to 9 Muslim accused in the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots and acquitted them

Delhi Riots 2020: Centre calls reports by an extra-judicial commission an attempt to ‘sway public opinion’

Centre told High Court that extra judicial committee reports on Delhi Riots tried to create narrative in favour of particular community

Delhi court frames charges against ex-AAP councillor Tahir Hussain in money laundering case for funding Delhi riots using illegal money

Tahir Hussain was previously charged in three separate cases in link with the February 2020 violence in Delhi, including the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

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