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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un may have been holed up in his private villa with his 2000-women ‘pleasure squad’ to avoid Coronavirus: Report

Satellite images showing luxury boats used by Kim Jong Un in addition to his personal train stationed near the Wonsan villa indicated that he was at the seaside resort.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance in the last 21 days to attend the inauguration of a fertilizer factory on Friday, May 1, according to North Korea’s government news agency KCNA. The appearance followed mounting global speculation over the North Korean leader’s health and possible death, which gained traction after he skipped the birth anniversary celebrations of his late grandfather, one of the most significant holidays in North Korea.

However, a new report published by The Sun claimed that the North Korean dictator was missing from the public eye because he fled to his private luxury seaside villa in Wonsan, located along the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula, along with a harem of 2,000 sex slaves, to avoid catching the coronavirus.

Satellite image © 2020 Maxar Technologies-38 North/Handout via REUTERS.

According to reports, satellite images showing luxury boats used by Kim Jong Un in addition to his personal train stationed near the Wonsan villa indicated that he was at the seaside resort.

Kim Jong Un private villa in Wonsan

The North Korean dictator resurrected his late grandfather’s “pleasure squad” or Kippumjo of secret sex entertainers in 2015, The Sun reported, adding that Kim’s “pleasure squad” of 2000-women kept him company at the villa.

The previous “pleasure troupe” was disbanded on the death of the old dictator in December 2011, but after the official three-year mourning period, Kim had started his own in 2015.

“It’s within the walls of his ultra-protected palaces that his Pleasure Squad provides entertainment for high-ranking North Korean officials,” the paper reported.

“The 2,000-strong harem is said to be made to sing and dance for the nation’s elite — but also take part in bizarre sexual games and orgies.” Kim has gained a reputation for his love of booze and fine food and the “Pleasure Squad” apparently takes care of his carnal pleasures, according to the publication.

Some of the girls are said to have been minors and forced into sex slavery at a very young age. North Korea defectors have alleged that the girls also have to undergo invasive medical examinations to confirm they are virgins before they can become members of the squad.

North Korea’s founder, Kim il-sung harem of women

The “Pleasure Squad” was first initiated during the reign of North Korea’s founder, Kim il-sung, who is still considered the country’s Eternal President, despite his death in 1994. In the late 1970s, he sent his officials across the nation to hunt for its most attractive women and girls to join the club.

Kim il-sung had a special thing for virgins because he believed having sex with them allowed him to absorb the girls’ “ki” or life-force. The girls’ parents would be informed that their daughters had been selected to serve Kim il-sung on an important mission, and they had no say in the matter. High-ranking officials in the North Korean military would then claim the women as wives after they had “retired” from their sexual duties in their 20s.

Rumors of Kim Jong Un illness and possible death

As per reports, Kim Jong Un presided a worker’s party politburo on April 11. The state media reported the next day that the leader had inspected fighter jets. After that Kim had vanished from the media reports of the country.

Speculations about his bad health and possible death emerged when he was found absent at April 15 celebrations for the birthday of his grandfather, who was the North Korea’s founder. The day is one of the most auspicious days for the country.

His absence triggered many unconfirmed reports over his condition. An online media outlet, that is handled by North Korean defectors reported that the dictator was undergoing treatment for the cardiovascular procedure last month.

It stated that Kim, who is in mid-30, needed urgent treatment due to heavy smoking, obesity and fatigue.

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