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Here’s how liberals in USA were celebrating, justifying and inciting riots after George Floyd’s death

An Indian American 'stand up comic' urged rioters to 'burn down white neighbourhoods' so that "companies are afraid to move back there".

The murder of George Floyd in the USA has led to a wave of riots in the United States. Violent mobs have rampaged through the streets pillaging and looting stores and engaging in vandalism and arson. During all of this, liberals were celebrating the spree of violence, justifying it, inciting riots but eventually, they decided to blame Trump supporters for initiating the riots.

But the Internet does not forget. There are screenshots of numerous tweets that are available which prove that liberals with verified handles were openly inciting violence and encouraging it. therefore, they cannot get away by blaming anyone else for the riots. Former ESPN NBA reporter Chris Palmer said on Twitter, “Burn that shit down” speaking of a police precinct that was burnt down. Later, when the violence reached his vicinity, he hypocritically panicked and called the rioters ‘animals’.

An Indian American ‘stand up comic’ urged rioters to ‘burn down white neighbourhoods’ so that “companies are afraid to move back there”. He encouraged rioters to do that so that when property prices fall as a consequence, they can be bought at cheap prices.

The Fairfax Democrats, which is an important unit of the Democrat party, called the riots “an integral part of the country’s march towards progress”. They appear to believe that such behaviour is the proper course of action to honour the legacy of George Floyd.

Fairfax Democrats justified the George Floyd Riots
The incendiary tweet by Fairfax Democrats

Feminist poet Olivia Gatwood urged rioters to “burn it down”. She also said, “F*** property” and “F*** Cops”. She has since then locked her account.

The tweet by Olivia Gatwood

The Base, which is an anarchist centre in Brooklyn, opined that it is the responsibility of all “revolutionary” organisations and collectives to “support and push the rebellion as far as possible”. “Anyone peace policing and stifling revolt is an agent of the state and should be treated as such,” they opined.

The tweet by The Base

The son of Martin Luther King Jr. said that a “riot is the language of the unheard”. He claims to be a ‘global human rights leader’.

The tweet by the son of Martin Luther King Jr.

Colin Kaepernick, controversial American football player, did not shy away from inciting violence either. He said, “The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance. We have the right to fight back!” It is not clear, however, how looting and destroying Black communities help George Floyd.

The tweet by Colin Kaepernick

The tweets presented here are only a microcosm of the open incitement to violence peddled by liberals on social media. They now seek to blame Donald Trump and his supporters for the riots in order to escape taking the blame for the same. Looting and riots were justified and glorified on Twitter during the same.

Twitter, however, which was quick to censor US President Donald Trump’s tweet for allegedly inciting violence, did not take any action on verified liberal handles that were deliberately encouraging violence. Apart from the hypocrisy of liberals, it also goes on to demonstrate the dual standards of censorship that is applied by social media giants.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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