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Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and its links to shady Soros funded orgs in India and Soros-linked organisations abroad

George Soros has a history of meddling in the internal affairs of foreign countries. He has been accused of interference in their internal matters by multiple countries. Therefore, hardly anyone considered his vow to take on the nationalists as an empty threat.

At the Davos World Economic Forum, a certain billionaire created quite a storm when he declared a war upon nationalism and nationalist politicians around the world. His target included Prime Minister Narendra Modi. From the podium, with unrestrained arrogance, he committed himself to combating the democratically elected leaders whose worldview differed considerably from his own. He was, of course, the Jewish American Billionaire George Soros.

George Soros has a history of meddling in the internal affairs of foreign countries. He has been accused of interference in their internal matters by multiple countries. Therefore, hardly anyone considered his vow to take on the nationalists as an empty threat. As it so happens, the individual who seeks to undermine the democratic will of the Indian people has a long history of ties with a major political party in India.

Again, this, of course, isn’t surprising at all given the fact that George Soros attempts to influence policies of a country by establishing a working relationship with one of the country’s political parties or through a network of ‘civil society’ organisations. In India, George Soros, through his funding of numerous Indian NGOs, also established quite a close working relationship with the Congress party.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and its links to Soros funded organisations

The annual report of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for the year 2007-08 lists a rather interesting partner, the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN). We have reported extensively on the organisation and its links to associations that are intimately associated with ‘Urban Naxals’ and separatists in Kashmir and elsewhere.

The foreign donations are available for HRLN only from 2014-15, therefore, we cannot be sure whether the organisation was receiving foreign funds while it was partners with the RGF. But its FCRA submissions do reveal that it has been receiving a huge amount of funds from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

A list of donors to the Socio Legal Information Center, the parent organisation of HRLN

In addition to the Open Society Institute, the HRLN has also received huge funds from Christian Missionary organisations and foreign governments as well. HRLN’s public declaration of funds is also consistent with th Modi government’s crackdown on foreign funded organisations and the insistence of the government on greater transparency.

The HRLN has also been campaigning against Indian sedition laws along with Nacxal-linked organisations and has also been providing free legal aid to Rohingyas who have been living illegally in this country.

In addition to Human Rights Law Network, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation also partnered with the Aman Biradari Trust as late as 2018-19. The ABT was founded by Harsh Mander, an individual who is closely linked to George Soros and is the Chairman of Open Society Foundation’s Human Rights Initiative Advisory Board.

The antics of Harsh Mander during the violence in the aftermath of the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act is quite well known. He also made an appearance at the Shaheen Bagh protests. During the UPA Regime, he was part of the National Advisory Council that drafted the blatantly anti-Hindu Communal Violence Bill.

The links of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to shady Soros linked foreign orgs

One of the organisations that has donated heavily to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The FNF is a liberal organisation based in Germany that is closely associated with the liberal political establishment in the country and was a major donor for the RGF. This particular organisation has links to George Soros as well although it is not obvious on the surface.

Not too long ago, Turkish media had reported that the FNF had started donating to certain organisations after Open Society announced that it was closing its operations in the country. Other than that, they have often partnered with the same organisation because as is obvious, they largely share similar objectives.

The RGF is linked to the Clinton Foundation through its sister organisation Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust. While senior Congress leaders apart from Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are also nth top functionaries in RGF, only the mother-son duo appear in the Board of Trustees in RGCT from the top brass of the party.

As we have reported earlier, the RGCT partnered with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) of the Clinton Foundation, which was established by former US President Bill Clinton. According to the RGCT’s website, another sister organisation partnered with CHAI “to train community members on managing diarrhoea in 31 blocks within the Raebareli and Amethi districts.”

Needless to say, an initiative floated by the Clinton Foundation was working with a foundation where Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are in the Board of Trustees for welfare work in constituencies from where the mother and son have contested Lok Sabha elections from. All of this is blatant election interference at quite an unprecedented scale.

And as is quite well known, George Soros is a major Democrat donor, the party in the US that Bill Clinton and Hillar Clinton belong to. Thus, when George Soros says he will launch a fight against nationalists and nationalism around the world, it is only to be expected that the Democratic party will be an important tool in his arsenal. And as we have seen just now, prominent leaders of the Democrat party have established a spider’s web with the autocrats who rule the Congress party.

What does it mean for Indians?

As is obvious, the extensive links of the Nehru-Gandhi family with George Soros has profound implications for India and Indians. We can be relatively certain that until the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar continues to rule the Congress party, Indians cannot rely on it to defend nationalism. In the past few years, the conduct of the Congress has amply revealed that it only cares about power, it does not worry about the cost.

The Nehru-Gandhi ruled Congress party has demonstrated an unnerving callousness with regards to national security and interests. Be it Surgical Strikes or the Balakot Airstrikes, or even now during the Indo-China conflict at Galwan Valley, the Congress party under the Parivar has demonstrated that it will be ever willing to let the country burn as long as it could rule over the ashes.

Thus, when George Soros tries to undermine nationalism and nationalists in India, there’s one party Indians will not be able to count on as long it remains hostage to the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar. The recent revelations with regards to the cesspool of treachery that permeates the functioning of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation only serves to cement that fact.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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