Saturday, September 25, 2021


George Soros

Congress party’s ‘agitation committee’ may rope in NGOs, ‘activists’ and ‘intellectuals’ for its fight against Modi govt: Report

Congress plans to rope civil society, activists and intellectuals to implement its toolkit against Modi govt through the Agitation Committee

‘I will rape you like I rape my daughter’: Former senior George Soros aide accused of sexual assault during BDSM sessions at ‘sex dungeon’

A lawsuit filed against George Soros's ex-money manager Howard Rubin says he was particularly violent against women during BDSM sessions.

Why Pegasus snoopgate is concerning: Forbidden Stories, links to US establishment and regime change propaganda in middle east

The Wire published what it called an 'explosive story' on Sunday involving allegations of spying with spyware Pegasus.

Why Left media and their hitjobs against India are part of a global conspiracy

It is a cause of concern for a variety of reasons, but mostly because western backed media outlets serve as the propaganda wing of western countries.

How George Soros is fueling a dangerous anti-India narrative through media and ‘civil society’

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman and a self-proclaimed philanthropist who had vowed to 'fight nationalists'.

Rana Ayyub tells Harvard University students how to speak ‘truth to power’, after spreading fake news over Ghaziabad fake hate crime

Rana Ayyub interacted with the students of Harvard University over challenges facing journalism and 'speaking truth to power'.

George Soros-funded University awards former Kerala health Minister KK Shailaja for her ‘commitment to public health service’

Former Kerala Minister KK Shailaja, who was dropped from cabinet after lelection, awarded by George Soros-funded University

NIA refuses to entertain petition by Urban Naxal Rona Wilson based on ‘forensic report’ which was picked up by WaPo to exonerate him

Rona Wilson had referred to the dubious 'forensic report' by Arsenal Consulting to seek innocence in Bombay HC

Moving toward establishing criteria about which govts are ‘objectionable’: What Russian Security Council chief said on George Soros, role in USA unrest

Chief of Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev accused George Soros of shaping 'political discourses' and creating unrest in USA

Resignation of PB Mehta from Ashoka University: What he said, what alumni and faculty believe and the speculations in liberal circles

The resignation of 'eminent intellectual' Pratap Bhanu Mehta as a professor of the Ashoka University has sent shockwaves.

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