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Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ is worse than just perverse sexualisation of children, it is a leftist mind-trap

Netflix's 'Cuties' is paedophilia and child pornography painted and sold as artistic expression. It is a dark, desolate dungeon disguised as sunny fields. It is a mind-trap designed to make people believe that paedophilia is OK and should be accepted, even celebrated. 'Cuties' is revolting.

When the promo of Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ was released, it was condemned, criticised widely all over the world for the gross, perverse sexualisation of children it depicted. Though there were outrages on social media, there were also certain voices that asked people to be patient and at least watch what it was about.

The promo showed an 11-year old little girl experiencing oppression and finding joy in dancing, not any kind of dancing, but twerking. The so-called dance form where women gyrate, make overt sexual gestures. There is a very little ‘dance’ and too much bum-shaking, chest jerking, and other sexually suggestive gestures.

Surprisingly, The Left defended ‘Cuties’. They said that it is about freedom, childhood experiences and a girl’s reaction to her oppressive surroundings. Netflix had even gone to the extent of saying that they believe in creative freedom and refused to comment on whether they support pedophilia or not.

Netflix’s reply to a customer asking whether they support pedophilia

‘Cuties’: Is much more than just gross perversion and sexualisation of children

The movie has finally released and it has been streaming since September 9. It is a translated version of French filmmaker Maïmouna Doucouré’s movie ‘Mignonnes’ which had won an award at the Sundance.

The movie is about a Senegalese Muslim immigrant girl named Aminata living in a cheap housing project in Paris with other members of her community. The 11-year-old Ami is shown as a victim of patriarchy, oppression and societal pressure. Trapped between her Senegalese roots and Islamic family that wants her to cover her head, work in the kitchen and become everything that her mother wants her to be, and the Quran asks her to be, Ami is enthralled when she sees young girls her age dancing, putting on make up, and being the free-spirited ‘mean-girls’, the ultra-cool ‘Cuties’ of the school.

Ami manages to join the dance group and introduces the ‘twerking’ style. The gang explores their ‘sexuality’, tries to peek into male lavatories and even pretend to be much older, to be able to sex chat with boys. The ‘twerking’ becomes their signature, allowing them to experience joy and confidence. Meanwhile, Ami struggles with the pain, humiliation and trauma of her family life.

Cuties doesn’t just normalise child sexualisation, it ‘demonstrates’ why we should be OK with it

I have mentioned above that the movie is worse than just child sexualisation and perversion. The movie is a classic leftist mind-trap. It wants us to renounce our morales, our natural instincts to protect our children and everything we hold sacred. It literally builds a case for paedophilia, child sexualisation and perversion.

It uses guilt-trips to achieve that goal. The movie is replete with imagery, scenes and tropes that depict what all is wrong with the world. How little girls are forced, oppressed by ‘patriarchy’ and are expected to behave like ‘women’ from a tender age. By using strategically placed visual arguments, like the ‘patriarchal’ great-aunt telling Ami that she is a woman now as she has had her first periods and she should behave accordingly.

‘Cuties’ review by Angie Han in Mashable

It shows Ami’s family making her doing things ‘like a woman’, such as putting her baby sibling to sleep, carrying groceries, taking care of her little brother, cooking etc. It then very cleverly puts the scene where Ami is trying to ‘prove’ to others that she is not a child anymore. She is a woman (because everyone tells her so) and how does she do it? She learns to thrust her hips because all women have “nice hips”. She posts a picture of her vagina online because she has been called a child on social media after her ‘bum’ with ‘little girl panties’ got displayed on social media during a fight.

Like an expert lawyer arguing a case, the movie uses these situations to ask the audience to ‘judge’ whether twerking and sexualising and other disgusting things that they have shown are wrong. Classic leftist mind-trap.

The leftist propaganda is so intense that they don’t even register that a developed, progressive city like Paris, a good school and a free environment could have presented much, much more to a child facing identity issues at that age. There are no teachers who help, there are no smart, independent women lawyers, accountants or college students who do the millions of other things and pursue thousands of other interests that young persons do.

The movie imposes an idea that thrusting hips and shaking non-existent breasts are the only path to liberation for little girls oppressed with ‘patriarchy’.

Twerking is the weapon against ‘patriarchy’, as per the movie

There are elaborate song sequences where the camera focuses on the private parts of the 11-year-old little girls. They are shown wearing very tight shorts and tank tops that make it difficult for them to walk. There are situations where they are shown trying to stalk and click ‘dick pics’ of much older boys, indulge in sex chatting under false identities and all of this is shown along with other things that little girls do, like jumping on beds, pillow fights and giggling.

Like I said before, it builds a case, it ‘visually argues’ those little girls slapping their vaginas, thrusting their hips and dry-humping on the dance floor are as ‘normal’ as other things little girls do.

Worse of it all, ‘Cuties’ portrays all the perverse sexualisation, paedophilic scenes and blatant exploitation of the bodies of children as a path to ‘liberation’, as a rebellion against the ‘patriarchal world’ and shamelessly justifies it. In a horrifying scene, the 11-year-old girl, when confronted by her adult cousin for stealing his mobile phone and lying about it, attempts to ‘convince’ him and let her keep the phone by trying to ‘seduce’ him, by moving her body like a sensual dancer and slowly stripping.

Cuties even tries to ‘cover up’ the perversion of the movie makers

All the scenes of gross, evil sexualisation pale in comparison in front of the sheer shrewdness of the plot. It slowly builds the narrative that the Ami is traumatised because she doesn’t ‘fit in’ at school and her Muslim father is bringing another wife. Like most leftist defences and glorification of anti-social behaviour, the movie gradually, very cleverly tries to ‘groom’ the viewers’ mind that Ami is doing what she is doing because she is traumatised and we should not judge the vulgar scenes in a negative way.

It forces scenes of kleptomania, where Ami steals mobile phone, money, accessories and learns to lie, deceive her mother. It tries to force-feed the viewers the notion that 11-year-olds twerking, gyrating their hips and slapping their vaginas while licking their fingers is their style of going through a ‘phase’.

The movie works its tools of visualisation as weapons, to try and submit the viewers’ minds that they should never think about pedophilia as a bad or negative thing. It attempts to portray that children are ‘naturally’ inclined to behave in a sexual manner and it should be welcomed, like other ‘cute’ things children do. Where have we heard that before? Yes, the left always does that.

Deleted tweet by New Yorker, via Laura Cohen

It is not even surprising that The Left is trying to defend, praise and hail the movie as a work of art. Yes, for the Left, sexualisation of children is art. Making little girls dance like strippers is a way to challenge ‘patriarchy’, making 11-year-olds the objects of lust, by falsely claiming that they are trying to fit in or just doing what the society expects them to do, is The Left’s idea of freedom and feminism. Given their way, the Left will have children openly exploited to satisfy the perversions of paedophiles and will still manage to brand and pass it off as ‘normal’. They are very close to achieving that goal.

Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ is paedophilia and child pornography painted and sold as artistic expression. It is a dark, desolate dungeon disguised as sunny fields. It is a mind-trap designed to make people believe that paedophilia is OK and should be accepted, even celebrated. ‘Cuties’ is revolting.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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